How To Install And Use Chromecast From The Ipad, Iphone Or Ipod

Currently most of the multimedia content we consume is on the internet, why Chromecast from the iPad, iPhone, iPod , or any other device is quite necessary.

Setting Up and Using Chromecast from the iPad, iPhone or iPod

Chromecast It is a device for our TVs that are not smart , which allows us to stream the movies video or our favorite apps from your mobile device.

This is done via a Wi-Fi sharing our smartphone and Chromecast device, allowing viewing any content that is compatible with Cast and without limiting the use of our mobile .

Upgrade and acquires the device Google Chromecast Ultra which can also be configured, quickly with your iPhone or MAC devices.

What should you do to use Chromecast from the iPad?

In general, the installation and use of Chromecast on any device Apple is made in the same way , therefore we explain the general installation for any device you prefer to use.

Choose your preference Chromecast.

There are currently three generations of Chromecasts being the CC 3 the last to have been released, but you can use any, either, which already possess or are thinking about buying one.

Install the device

Plug Chromecast into the TV through the HDMI , now you must set the TV to the HDMI input and you can start the installation.

Google Home

installed and configured on your device’s app Google Home from the App Store , through which you can handle all your smart devices with Google technology.

Plug Chromecast with your device

Open the app Google Home, now located the button “ Configure device 1 ” and click, then select the group “ Home ” in which you want to include the new TV.

 chromecast black

Once you have selected a group home the app will search for devices that can be connected, finding the Chromecast will show the identification of this, you can compare it with the one in the lower right corner of your TV.

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Select your Chromecast corresponding to the ID and click “ Next ” to the connect the device and the TV will display a 4-digit code which must match, if so, press “< strong> Yes “.

Sets the data of the TV

The wizard will ask “ Where is this device? “, click on the option of your choice, now you must assign a name to the TV, for example, TVSala.

Connect the Chromecast to a Wi-Fi

Then you must select the Wi-Fi network in your home and provide the password so you can make the streaming between devices (mobile and Chromecast).

Done! Make fully completed the installation. Try a app that allows you to make cast , if it works, it’s time to use Chromecast from the iPad or any device.

What can you do now that you’ve installed the Chromecast?

In recent years the use of cable television has decreased dramatically . This is due to the ability to watch your favorite movies or series on your computer or Smartphone.

This has put aside those many acquired TV to see what we can now see on other screens, but the CC brings back life with great agility .

Applications like YouTube , Netflix, VLC, Crunchyroll, Twitch, among others, give you the ability to make cast to the TV, therefore, help enhance the viewing experience of your favorite content.

 new chromecast box

It is also good to note that you can use for your conferences Cast Google Presentations lets you display your TV projects. This is shown as a great quality in the use Chromecast companies.

In addition there is also the possibility of use your device as a control and your TV as a screen for your favorite games. P e can highlight, Just Dance Now, Angry Bird Friends, Alien Invaders, among others.

Finally, we hope that this tutorial take you achieve maximum performance from your TV and your Smartphone, achieving better viewing experience around the content you want to enjoy.

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You may at some point come to have problems with your device connection or demystification, if so it is advisable to reset your chromecast your state or factory software update Google Chromecast.

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