How To Set Up And Use Chromecast Ultra Iphone Or Mac?

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Today, entertainment is something that has become quite broad. By this we mean all forms of home entertainment that we have, and a lot of it is thanks to the internet and the advances that have been made about it.

Thanks to this, can enjoy Netflix have an account or Amazon Prime to see anything we want through our such as TV movies and series , leaving plenty of programs cable TV payments behind.

How to set up and use Chromecast Ultra iPhone or Mac?

However, not everyone has the opportunity to use a program like Netflix inside your television. This is often because they do not have a Smart TV or because often these applications do not work properly on these televisions because of their model or age.

That is why many people have turned to devices “ Cast ” or transmission itself. These devices are small devices that connect directly to the television, and do not let transmit multimedia content from our mobile devices.

And, among the most popular, it is CC , and its best model Chromecast Ultra. So, if you have one, look below how you can configure and use both through your iPhone and your Mac should be noted that it can also configurarse from your Android .

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Configuring your Chromecast Ultra on your iOS

To set up your new Chromecast Ultra, you’ll need to use an iPhone or iPad if you want to do it through a device iOS . This is because it must be done through the mobile application for Chromecast, so you can not use your Mac for this. Finally, you need to configure the following:

  • The application updated Google Home installed on your device.
  • An Ultra Chromecast device ready for connection.
  • An HDTV that has a entada HDMI .
  • The iOS device must not be too old, so you can meet the requirements to install the application Google Home.
  • A network Wi-Fi fully insured.

Once you have that done, you can start configuring, and for this you have to follow these steps:

  • Start by connecting Chromecast Ultra device directly to your TV and a power outlet.
  • Connect your phone to the same wireless network device you are connecting your Chromecast Ultra. Remember that the latter can also be connected via a cable Ethernet .
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device. Although you can connect the device to Chromecast Ultra Wifi is recommended that either by Bluetooth .
  • Open Google Home application and follow the steps that will appear on the screen to configure the device. If these appear not press the button “ + Add “, followed by “ set device ” and finally “Set Up New Device”. I would just follow the steps you go on the screen.

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Using Chromecast Ultra iPhone and Mac

To use your Chromecast Ultra through your iPhone or Mac you have to follow some pretty simple steps. We can start talking about how to use it with your iPhone. For this, you need to enter any href=””> application with which you can make a transfer either Netflix or < strong> YouTube , for example.

Once inside, and being in the multimedia content you want to see, you just have to press the transmit button, and if necessary, specify the device to which you want to convey, in this case being the Chromecast Ultra.

In the case of transmitting Mac, you’ll need to go directly to Google Chrome. Open it and go to the content you want to convey. Upstairs on the menu need to press the tab “ View ” and then “ Forward “. Choose the device to which you want to convey and you’re transmitting directly to the Chromecast Ultra.

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