Changing The Key Claro Wifi Colombia -Quick And Easy

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If you are someone who likes to be their Online in internet, we recommend you to remember is very important to keep your WiFi network with a password for security reasons. Ademac, of course, know the password for your WiFi .

How to Change the Key WIFI Claro Colombia -Fast and Easy

Anyone with a little knowledge, you may be able to access the Internet via your WiFi network and not only take advantage of your connection, you may also have keys to access the devices you have connected to it.

The reason is usually when you buy your WIFI does not come with a custom key . Vendors delegate their own algorithms, which occasionally are discovered and filtered.

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When this happens, they are exposed all users who have not changed their default settings. With this in mind, we’ll show a change the key or password WIFI Claro Colombia, fast and easy.

Steps to register for My CLARO

The first thing you have to do to change the key to access your course WIFI and change the password for the WiFi is to create an account in my course. You give the Register option. To register you need to enter the following:

  1. The identity card number, or identification, as the account holder and the account number. This is done on your bill in the upper right circled, or order you have delivered work on the technical installation.
  2. Place your full name as a starter and email.
  3. In the option that says Password, you must place the key you will use to enter My Claro.
  4. Document Type Certificate and you put yourself in public and write the relevant information.
  5. Check the box I accept the terms and conditions of use. To complete the registration process press OK.
  6. Then you send information to the mail, telling you click here. At the login, page My course will open, which will place you registered mail and password.

    Change your password Claro Colombia WIFI safely

    Of course, the first thing to remember is that it is necessary create a secure and easy to remember , this so do not be problems in the future. To begin, open your preferred browser. Then enters the official website of course. Select the country, in this case Colombia. You will find in the top bar, several options, such as: Services, Store, Support, a search bar and my self clear. Click on the latter and locates the fixed section.

     change password clear WiFi router

    Place your email with the key that you created when you made the subscription and check the box ¨ I am not a Robot ¨. Will automatically open a new tab in your browser, where you show your personal data and your total bill.

    You’ll see a bar with the following specifications: My invoices, My Products, My data My Accounts, My Alerts, Service Centers and Sales, Service and Support and Claro Club


    This time you give ¨ click My Products ¨. There you will get all products affiliated with your account. Locates the option “Rename key to my wireless network.” Press “Change” and you will get the following 3 options:

    • Password Recovery : To the select, you will be sent an email with the password
    • .

    • Basic Settings : Only you can change the name and password
    • .

    • Advanced Settings : This option will make the name change, password, WIFI channel and the type of encryption your network WIFI. Enter you give, and you will achieve change existing data.
    • Where it says WIFI channel, you’ll have to investigate, with programs that are designed to find network, which channel are transmitting the WIFI. It’s a matter of changing your network where there are no conflicts with other networks.

    ¨ Encryption Type ¨, get the characters and the amount you must use the password. You give ¨ Save ¨ and thus is configured your WiFi network. You will receive a confirmation message that, pressing ¨ OK , you provide the name of your WiFi network. The configuration of this aspect is very simple, as it is in case of set the APN Claro . Following these steps will keep your network secure and safe.

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