Adding Media Art Objects Using Tools Corel Draw

This article will show how to add media art objects using the tools of Corel DRAW. These tools are very versatile when it comes to putting on your personal touch to a specific object. It is so easy to use, which could be compared to using a brush or like you’re drawing freehand with different strokes and templates.

Corel DRAW offers more than 70 original templates so you adorn your sheet or can easily create a custom template . With them you can apply a number of effects to the form or item created, in addition to brush transformations of disseminator and calligraphic.

At your disposal one on each side menu, which in the open forms a set of interrelated tools. It is the best you can choose to expand that menu by clicking the handles at the end of it and dragging them into the document.

Art Media Tools in Corel DRAW

These tools allow you to add the different effects of strokes to paths you want to do in the sheet or document. In other words, you can simulate in a vector format of a brush stroke or effect the splashes or stains, among many others.

Among the functions you find in Corel Draw, you will see the freehand tool. At the click and locate you on the sheet, you’ll be able to draw as you would with the raised hand and a brush will appear.

Properties of artistic media, will achieve a 5 to use different artistic media. As you select one, you’ll notice that more options will appear. Among them you’ll find the option to smooth the path and set the width of the stroke, can also generate 3D objects in your sheet or put or apply shadows to objects .

 Use artistic tools Corel DRAW

Adding a path with artistic means

You will be able make any design you want with any tool and add an effect at the edges through artistic means.

For example you can enter a rectangle with rounded tips and add a scattering effect. You can also make a freehand drawing and then give an effect with the brush of artistic media , looking to the end as if the image had been drawn by hand.

Suppose you want to create or design a flower in Corel DRAW . First, make drawing freehand with a spiral of one turn, add the leaves and stem, and spiral means would be a cherry.

Once you have the pictures, use the shape tool and modifies the shape of the fruit until we get the desired look. And you are ready, proceeds to use the artistic media tool to edit the shape of the drawing.

Dale use the brush tool, and select the option ¨ Calligraphy ¨. Choose the thickness of the line you want to draw. Click the cherry and the reselect it, you automatically switch to the line that you chose above.

can also choose the thickness you find it better. This will do all the drawing. Although I’ve selected all artistic media, you can change some things in the picture. After making the necessary changes, proceed to color the image.

 Add path with artistic media Corel Draw

The color is selected in the bar you have to the right of the program . When you have applied color to the picture, and if you want, remove it from the sheet to make a box with rounded corners, running the same procedure as in the drawing.

agrégale shape and style to the edges making a frame in Corel DRAW. Modifies centimeters want there separation between the frame and the edge of the blade. You can do eliminándole filling, clicking the artistic media tool and choosing a style so that plants can give an original touch to the image you’re working on.

To fit properly aligned, go to the Object/Align/Distribute , and places the object horizontally. Performs the same procedure to align vertically. This way you will be well centered on the sheet.

With these simple steps we show can make your drawings with the artistic media tool Corel DRAW as a professional.

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