How To Apply Different Effects And Shadow And Silhouette Text With Corel Draw

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The implement of technology in our lives has positively affected our development. Previously it was very difficult to perform tasks that today we do regularly.

The communication was very slow, the access to information was limited . Just as it happened with photographs and even more when it came to edit them. Because for this you had to resort to a professional in the subject and in fact, the process could be a little slow.

Fortunately, with the evolution of this technology change. Able to develop image editing programs that offer a professional job and wonderful. One is the known Corel Draw , one of the best in terms of editing is concerned, which you can download and install it easily.

How to apply and apply different shadow effects and text silhouette with Corel Draw?

With just one click we have access to all kinds of information, best of all in one place. We just have to know how to use and manage the tools that we provide and thus be able to make good use of them to make custom effects for text and background , fix the blur of a photograph.

No doubt most recognized one of the programs currently documentary editing is Corel DRAW . It is very important to know thoroughly the features and what you can create with this program. One of these is to apply different silhouette and shadow effects to text .

Therefore it was decided to prepare this article, where each and every one of the steps to be followed for shade position and shape to a particular text box will be taught.

Steps to create the outline to a text box

The first step we must do is open the Corel DRAW, then application write the text to which you apply the effect . We can change the font style and size that will be to our liking.

Now, we create the silhouette that will have our text We selected the “Silhouette” tool located on the left side of the screen. Then place the mouse over our text and letting down the left button drag out.

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You can see how our text around a silhouette was created, on the top bar can set this silhouette. Also change the distance of the text having the edge and color that has our preference.

The next step we must do is separate the object we have, we must first select all. Then click on the ‘Subject’ at the top of the screen and click on the “Separate Group figure” .

Steps to apply different shadow effects to text

By performing the above steps can separate the text from the outline, we can now start implementing the shadow effect . To apply this effect the first step is to select the text you create.

We headed to the bar located on the left of the screen and select the tool shadow . We locate our mouse over the text and holding down the left click drag out.

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Automatically we observe how the shadow effect is created around our text already done can begin to configure it. At the top we listed options shadow settings .

You can change the thickness of the shadow, the direction we want to have can also choose from different shades of color. Then we drag the text above our silhouette and set the shadow making it more or less visible.

Finally, we have only add shadow silhouette we have created for this select the “Dropper attributes option located on the left. We must clear all options and processing properties.

Just leave enabled “Shadow effects” , accept and now select the shadow created, then paste it both inside and outside of the silhouette.

Finally, we would only be group objects .

Finally hope this article has helped him help. However we would like to know your opinion you have been apply different shadow effects to text using the Corel Draw program? Leave your answer in the comments .

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