How To Apply Distortion Effects To Objects With Tools Corel Draw

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The internet is a wonderful tool, has changed the lives of human beings in 180 degrees . And it is that in the past you decades our lifestyle has changed so much, it’s amazing to what extent people have arrived with respect to the frequency with which they enter the internet.

And that is when those films that appeared at the end of the twentieth century, where science fiction showed us human beings who no longer need computers to access the internet, but used a device to directly connect the brain with this system. It is no longer a distant fantasy.

Thanks to the innovation Wi-Fi , with which we can do multiple tasks like playing, learning, teaching and among other things; without the need to be connected directly to a cable. Therefore we must make the most out of the resources we can draw from this medium.

What I can do on the internet and are design programs?

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When it comes to the use that we can assign to the internet, we were talking about such a broad topic that it is impossible to explain to deep in a small article. Because the more we study on the subject, the more we realize that we need to learn about many things, looking like something infinite.

Although not complicated, it can be said that the serving internet (as terms of its most common uses) for download Programs , use social networks, < strong> using web browsers , investigate various topics of study, download games, among many other things

What kind of programs I download?

There are countless number of programs that can be downloaded from the internet, but to make it simple, we can mention the category to which the program, ie, the main use or main purpose is attributed.

Then there design software programs display videos and images , download programs, programs to protect your computer (antivirus), programs that recognize the characteristics and model of your computer, music player programs, among others.

What are design programs?

we found within that range of programs classification design, and although it is very important, many people are still unaware of its existence. Thus, we can define design programs like those tools we allow you to create or make changes to an image .

That being, programs whose main use is the alteration, modification or creation of different factors that are within a picture or a purely virtual development so that the designer or user is using the program to obtain a particular result. For example, Corel Draw.

What is Corel Draw?

Then, Corel Draw is a product launched by Corel Corporation, mostly used for creating logos and digital artwork . Which has been in the market since January 1989, which indicates that the program takes about 30 years of development and experience, and can easily download and install it.

The program as criticism of its users, is very good, has tools that really greatly facilitate the process design and development of various projects . Even some comments qualify it as the program takes the best features of Adobe and Inkscape.

How to apply the distortion effect object with the tools of Corel Draw?

In general, there is 3 distortive effects in the program; The push and pull , the Zip and vortex . This button is 4 spaces below the tool’s shadow, which are within the Corel toolbar on the left side of the interface.

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To apply the effect to a specific object, only select the type of distortion that we use, and we click the mouse dragging the object to any orientation, and the program automatically proceed to create such an effect on the object.

Despite how strange it may be, there are many people who take great advantage of this tool to make custom effects on text and background fix the aspect blurry photograph, put and apply different shadow effects and silhouette text by creations as unique as unusual in their projects . It is therefore an effect that if you really know, you should try it, you can get surprised.

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