How To Apply Special Effects To Bitmap Images With Corel Draw

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The following tutorial will touch a subject that many users are passionate about and use applications editions imaging and photography. This time we’ll talk about the familiar Corel Draw and how we can add effects to your images.

As you know already there are many effects that can be applied and here we will show you how to apply special effects to bitmap images with Corel DRAW .

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Those who already have time using this program know that the wide variety of special effects that can be applied to bitmap images.

They range from the artistic to the three-dimensional. And for that plug-ins are added, thus providing extra features and effects when images are edited.

How to apply special effects to bitmap images with Corel Draw

When we use the various tools available Corel Draw , we realize that they are very easy to use. As in the case when we want to setting color photograph. But when we talk about effects it may perhaps be a bit complicated, so we indicate you should do.

To apply special effects to bitmap images with Corel Draw , you must do the following. First you must know that all the effects you can add to the bitmap images are on the Maps tab bit.

This is on the top menu and here we will see the options Straighten image, Color mode, Increase limit and chewing color.

First use the Straighten image option, this great tool when images have twists. Whether because of problems with lenses that were taken or when being scanned. When you select this tool, we present the image in a grid and can choose different options.

These grids are useful to have a clear view of the effect, and these grids may change color or decrease or increase the number. But the most important options are first correct lens distortion . Each time you make the correction you make clip OK, if you did not correct the distortion completely, reselect this tool.

This action can as often as necessary. The other options we will find in this tool are Rotate image and Crop image . the following effect is Color Mode, there can see different options and these depend on the outcome you want to have my image as gray scale, black and white 1 bits, etc.

Using the tool color mode, increase limit and color mask

A select any of the options permitted, show me preview, where I have my original image left and to my right the image with the effect. And according to the options you choose to modify the image they will apply. Finally we do clip on the OK option.

Within the color mode will find a very important option and is widely used for internet images and color with palette. With him we can change the tone of the image using a different color palette. The next tool we use to apply special effects bitmap images it is to increase the limit.

selecting the manual option, we may extend the image area and these extra areas are white. Whenever you make changes to a parameter, have activated why Make sure the Keep ratio . This tool is ideal to add texts that are out of the picture or insert a frame, etc.

 apply special effects

The last tool is bitmap mask with it can indicate what colors I want and what colors cover image can show. So the area remained removed the transparent color. And so it ends this way this article showed you how to apply special effects to bitmap images with Corel Draw.

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