Creating Or Make A Mandala In Coreldraw And Corel Photopaint -Step By Step

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One of the utilities editing programs is to create different creative designs on them, like making a mandala in CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint.

Buddhist diagram has gained some popularity for its meaning and its pleasing appearance and striking patterns ways.

Whether to add a blog or a graphic design, creating a mandala is made possible by the help of these two excellent editing programs.

Create and configure a file with vector format

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To begin creating a mandala in CorelDraw and PhotoPaint first thing is to have a vector format file.

This should be done by opening the first-mentioned program, which will give the « New » button, or combination « Ctrl + N » is pressed.

This will display a pop-up window with the settings of the new document. It is important to make a square file, ie, height and width proportional.

Also, you must choose a standard resolution color settings 100ppp « CMYK » and an improved preview mode. Then press « OK «.

Show Grid within the document

As additional information on creating vector document, you will need to activate the option Grid for guidance to the work on the mandala.

To do this you have to locate a button, which is represented by several paintings and a small eye. It can be found under the tab called « Windows «.

Then you should set to stay with 2cm per box . This is accomplished in the section « Tools » in the segment of « Documents».

 mandala in DrawR corel

A giving with this option, you press the « + » and select « Grid » where appropriate changes can be made regarding this preference button.

Add lines of horizontal and vertical guide

This element is important to create the center of the Mandala in CorelDraw and PhotoPaint to do this, select the « Show Rulers » button.

In doing so, both the above rule as the bottom center of the grid is moved, causing them to cross and thus forming a midpoint.

Generate Mandala circles in CorelDraw and PhotoPaint

To begin, you must first create a layer called « Circles » in the layer manager, so that all are in that section.

So the « Elipse » tool is selected then positioned in the center of the grid, and let down left click « Control » and «< strong> Shift «.

In this way, it expands to achieve the desired size of the main circle, which will be the largest. Similarly with other forms. You can create six concentric circles.

Coloring circles

To color circles within the vector table simply each are selected tool « Select » in the left bar.

A the same time, using the color palette of the lower section is going to fill giving each of these with the desired color user.

Add flowers or objects within the circles

First of all, not accidentally move the ellipses are blocked from the layer manager tabs on where they are located.

 corel colorful balloon

To create them just need to rely on the « Freehand » on the left tool bar in which the alternative of « Feather » is selected.

This will allow drawing the way the user prefers being guided grid. In addition, adjustments can be made with the « Forms » tool.

Finally, only have to copy the forms and go placing them in places circles you prefer. It can also be rotated if necessary.

This from « Change » in which you can rotate and resize. You can add from the « Windows » tab in « Dockers «.

This would be the end point where desired shapes in the right places are adjusted using the provided tools. As a result a cute mandala will be taken into CorelDraw and PhotoPaint.

Corel Draw gives you the opportunity to create and save custom patterns or custom templates that will serve for future work so do not hesitate to seek this tool and have fun using it.

If you call attention to create mandalas with Corel Draw program you might want to know that you can add an interactive pattern fill vectors or textured your job or mesh padding.

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