How To Create And Apply A Posterized Effect To An Image With Corel Draw

 posterized effect on an image

Using the Corel DRAW you can edit your images in very efficient and quick way. If you’re wondering how to create and apply a posterized to an image with Corel DRAW read carefully the following guide effect.

posterized effect reminiscent of the art of the 50s and is still to this day very popular. With Corel DRAW program can create this effect simply to apply to any image we have prepared this tutorial.

How to create and apply a posterized effect to an image with Corel DRAW

The posterized effect is still very popular, and reminiscent of the classic fashion of the last century. Programs like Photoshop or Corel DRAW are able to create edits really cool , and apply distortion effects to objects as tools and as many as posterized. Fortunately Using the program is very simple, to correctly posterized follow these steps:

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  1. The first step is to just look for the image, open the image with Corel DRAW.
  2. Direct the top of the screen and look for the bitmap . many options can be displayed, locate Image Adjustment Lab , press this option.
  3. To work more comfortably we recommend clicking the full screen display Pre .
  4. It’s time to change the values ​​present on the screen.
  5.  Corel DRAW

    Prepare the image values ​​

    The following values ​​depend on each image, but you can guide you with the following information, in any case remember that your criterion is also valid.

    • Temperature: In relation to the temperature not much to change, unless you believe absolutely necessary.
    • Tone: We recommend leave the pitch at the original value
    • .

    • Saturation: We recommend putting it in the lowest possible value that is -100
    • Brightness: The brightness depends solely on each image in any case it is advisable to clearly see every single detail of photography
    • .

    • Contrast: The contrast directly committed the details, so I handle it so that it is clearly visible
    • .

    • Prominences: The projections we recommend to handle at high values, close to 80
    • Shadow Reduce shadows as much as possible, close to the values ​​of -85 would be fine
    • Halftone: Regarding the midtones, we recommend that all image details visible, so keep it in about 50 should be fine for most images

    Similarly, other make color adjustments to photography with CorelDRAW could be very convenient time for editing.

    Start vectorized

    To apply vectorization, press on Trace Bitmap and then on Vectorizaración Contour, now click Line Art .

    1. Description: Paragraph detail is essential to create a posterized effect, so we recommend you keep high values ​​near 80
    2. .

    3. Smoothing: The smoothed values ​​should be hovering near 60
    4. .

    5. Corner smoothness: A the same as the previous style, corner smoothing should be fairly high, close to 80 values ​​
    6. .

      Go to the tab colors, there lies the number color and select the total number of tones you want to manage. In any case we suggest values ​​below 7 this way you will not complicate the subsequent process, when culmines press OK.

      note that all the above options are basic, so if one want to vectorizar raster graphics with CorelDRAW depending on the type more advanced way, visit the guidance of the previous link.

       posterized effect with Corel DRAW

      Apply colors to create posterized effect to your image in Corel DRAW

      • Click on the Window option later on Dockers and finally on the Color Styles .
      • Drag the image to the «drag here to add a color style and create harmony».
      • is displayed on the screen a few options, click on the fill and stroke, now click on OK.
      • In section Color Styles current color palette, which should be in black and white, push it appears.
      • Finally set the colors you want to apply to your image. After that already have applied the posterized effect.

      While the process is shown before quite basic, the fact is that you can design a website with CorelDRAW and many more actions with proper dedication.

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