Making A Calendar Using Macros Corel Draw

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different functions are impressive, tools and options you can use to create fabulous effects on our graphic projects.

And thanks to the use of the Corel Draw , can also make a schedule, if as you read. The following tutorial will show you steps you take to make a calendar using Corel Draw macros.

 calendar CorelDraw

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With this you can generate in a few minutes your own personalized calendar, without the need to download a template from the web application. This is the interesting thing about this type of program, its versatility. And through the you can create a calendar of automatically You only need to follow the instructions below.

Perhaps you may seem that this project be a little difficult or complicated but nothing is further from reality. Make a calendar using Corel Draw macros , is as simple as making a ra colo setting a photograph.

How To Make a calendar using Corel Draw macros

To make a calendar using Corel Draw macros , we will make use of a feature little known and very powerful. And is create and run VBA macros , With it we can perform any tasks that are complex or repetitive. And to use it will do the following.

First we go to the application and open a blank, then the top menu will select the Tools tab. And now let’s look for the option to select Macro. And finally, the different options that we deploy will make clip in the Run Macro .

This action will generate a window in it we will make clip in the Description option to deploy several options appears. Of which we will select the Calendar Wizard. and then we will click on the Run option, now a window we appear on the screen to set our calendar .

Using the Macro Calendar Wizard in Corel Draw

In it, we select the type of calendar that will create, also select the language, year, month, day, week, etc. we can place the day starts the week, we can also distribute the document, the way will be months, if you want to add any other item such as a picture can leave blank.

As you can see, in this window you can completely customize to your liking your calendar on the right side will show a preview. We can use the Holiday button to add holidays or holidays. A clip making must select the day, month and the name of that day such as San Juan.

Then we will make clip on the Add/Modify option to add the festive date and the same procedure will be performed, with the other holidays that we want to include in our calendar. When we have already done all modifications and including all data on the calendar and we are satisfied with their appearance, we will click the Generate option.

Spending a few seconds before you confirm the following message, After the generation of the calendar . And the last step will be to clip the Close option and you’re ready calendar. Being so you can edit, change the color, font type, size, style, orientation, writing etc.

 corel draw macros

The end result is simply fantastic and best of all, you can customize fully to our taste or need. Thus ended another article that teaches you how to use the various functions with which account Corel Draw . And you could easily show how to make a calendar using Corel Draw macros.

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