Cropping An Image Using Corel Draw Shaped -Step By Step

One of the first lessons you must learn to work impeccably designed is How to crop an image using Corel DRAW shaped , here we show you how.

When we perform design work, images and photographs should be well worked because these have great visual weight and say a lot about the quality of work.

Whether newsletters, magazines or catalogs, editing images is one of the first things that customers will be set to determine the quality of your work.

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In this vein, Corel DRAW it has several tools that allow you to cut, split and delete objects in an image, what lets you work neat and tidy.

Although it is possible cut almost all items , remember that it is not possible to cut text of paragraph master objects cloning or dimension lines. However it is possible fit text to a path in Corel Draw.

Object destination and source object

Before you start cutting must understand that there is a target object -which want recortar-and the source object -the one you want to use to trim


In the case of the target object that maintains its features fill and outline so you can create irregularly shaped objects because the overlapping parts are removed.

Cut a

 Crop object with Corel Draw
To start working on the issue with Corel DRAW you select the objects origin and then, hold down the Shift key and select the target object .

If you work in Classic mode, position yourself in the « Organize «, then select «Object», click « Shape » and finally choose «Crop».

If you select multiple objects individually the last object you chose, nevertheless cut, if you select all in a box below the selected object is cut.

In addition to this, also could cut objects in a box by selecting the source and target objects and then, on the property bar choose « Trim » option.

Crop in the foreground or background

To trim first or second plane select the source and target objects with a box and in the «organize» -in the classical view click on « Subject »


Then click «Shaping» and now have to choose between two options, choose «less behind front» or «Behind less ahead» as the case may be.

« Front less behind » removes the object that is in the background of the one in front and « Behind least front » removes which is in the foreground of which is behind.

Now if there are objects linked as silhouettes, shadows, text on a path or mixtures these will become curve objects before cutting.

Crop overlapping areas

 overlapping areas Corel Draw
For starters, marquee select the objects you need to crop, then the «Organize» select «Object» menu then «Shaping» and finally click « Simplifying

Crop bitmap

To crop an image or bitmap select the image, and from the menu, we click on «bitmap» and press the « Edit bitmap » option.

We can also, clicking directly on «Edit Bitmap» and automatically send us a Photo-Paint, we went to the, select «Image» menu then «Lab cut» and then «Extract.

Visualize a toolbar at the top right, select the first tool called « Highlight «, represented by a down, and began to outline the image.

In the end, we selected the «inner Fill» tool and click on the inside of the selection, then select the «Preview» button at the bottom right of the screen.

Choose a background color that contrasts with the image to appreciate the existing flaws and fix them with the «Remove» and «Add» and press «OK tools.

Go then to «File», click « Done Editing » and so return back to Corel DRAW, too, if you prefer, you can select the image and drag it directly into Corel DRAW.

In this way, you’d have your image cropped and ready for use in your project in Corel DRAW, remember to be very careful when editing your images.

We have shown in this article are several ways to trim images using Corel DRAW, but it may interest you crop an image in Photoshop CC circular .

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