Making Cards Or Invitations Christening For Printing Using Corel Draw

 christening card corel draw

As we have said repeatedly, you can do whatever you imagine you with graphic design application Corel Draw . Y If you only thought you could do visual effects as a professional you are wrong.

Ya that in the next tutorial we will show you a tutorial that will leave you open and learn mouth how to make cards or christening invitations to print using Corel Draw.

 invitation CorelDraw

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Make this type of project is very fun and best of all is that you can add personality to your creations . As you remember, we’ve shown how easy it is to add and configure gradient fill to a form using the application fab Corel Draw.

But you’ll see how simple it be make or make cards or invitations christening for printing using Corel Draw . And for that, you must follow exactly the instructions you give. We assure you that you’ll have so much fun and maybe who knows, you dedicate yourself to learning to use this as the start of a career.

How To Make cards and invitations christening for printing using Corel Draw

The first thing you do to make cards or invitations christening for printing using Corel Draw . It is go to the application and create a new document, for this you go to the main menu and select the Files tab and then clicking New. Or you can use keyboard shortcuts , for that you must press Ctrl + N.

In this new document must change the sheet orientation to Landscape, as our card will have two sides, create another page. For this we go to the bottom left and we will select the plus sign icon. Y in this way we will have two blank pages to start making our project. These same principles can create a card presentation.

The next step is to create a colored background, we will do this or Tools menu heading to that found on the side panel. And we’ll double click on the Tool Box , then we will fill this figure. To do this we will go to the color palette, select a color and we will make a left click.

Now this background color will create the figures that more we like it, we can put them colored stripes too. That end we with the tool box and place it in place and desired thickness. Then you add the color that we like the color palette, if we can repeat this procedure to add more colored stripes.

Using different editing tools Corel Draw

If you want to create animals or monsters can use tools Toolbox for simple forms. Or you can also make freehand also have the Artistic media tool. Her drawings can appear to be made with a brush, with this tool you can create eyebrows.

If you want to use the option freehand you must direct the toolbox or by pressing the F5 key. If you have made several objects and grouping want, you just press Ctrl + G, ready Now we add text to the card. To do this, select the text tool or we press the F8 key.

Now you must make clip on the sheet and write the text, then with the selection tool to select the text go and you will modify the font, color, size, style, etc. when already completed making your project on both pages, you must save it. So that then can be printed.

 invitation CorelDraw

Save your design , you go to the main menu and select the File tab, then clicking Save. In performing this action will show the store window are to keep you as a .CDR file.

You must save this format, so you can edit it at any time, but if you’re printing you can save in PDF format. With these few steps you learned how to make cards or christening invitations to print using Corel Draw.

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