Opening From Coreldraw Corel Photo Paint Program And Edit Vector Files

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For a designer, the combination of programs to work is necessary, and in some situation may have to open Corel Photo Paint from CorelDRAW.

This mainly for optimize or improve vector images , as you may have to make changes to any section of the file.

And of course, these two programs, even if they are of the same Suit, do not have the same profits as they are designed for different purposes.

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Here lies the importance of convergence , and coming in the same package, its development is aimed at this same function properly.

Why would I need to open Photo Paint from CorelDRAW?

Generally, when a graphic designer deserves open the Photo Paint program from CorelDRAW, is to make corrections on the file.

Remember that the Corel Photo Paint is specially designed for tweaks and effects to images bitmap.

As in their repertoire of tools that improve some damage to graphics files such as vectorized.

This, for example, can remove the background from an image that is working on the CorelDRAW or remove damaged another.

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That is, that there functions that can not meet directly from this program , so it will need support from the Photo Paint to do it and get back to work.

Open Photo Paint program directly while using CorelDRAW

Fortunately, there is a way to open Photo Paint from CorelDRAW, to make changes and corrections and then close and restart the program.

This does not mean that we will have to save, then open the other half edit, save and finally back again aperturar the project.

Not so, however this is a process that allow you to use quickly Photo Paint , and to the end, return to the previous project with improvements made.

This facility is that both the interface of both are similar, so this kind of convergence can be carried out smoothly.

Among the options of CorelDRAW, there is a button that will allow the press it using the Photo Paint to make corrections and save your changes.

Of course, for this convergence is applied, must be installed both programs , each in their official versions.

Once you achieve the appropriate program open to start work with vector graphics from your program Corel Photo Paint.


Convert vector to bitmap

That said, it is only necessary to open the CorelDRAW or if you already have open a bitmap image is selected to proceed.

As you are working with vectors, it is logical to be transformed into the format supported by the Photo Paint from the tab « Bitmap «.

Doing so will show the « Convert to Bitmap » that, pressing, cast a pop-up window with some adjustments of color, resolution and size.

 woman in corel PhotoPaint

Simply settings and changes that are desired are chosen, although the ideal is to leave it as is, and then give in « OK «.

In the end, the program will unlock certain tools that are available only for images in bitmap, usable in this tab.

You must remember that before vectorize an image of bit map must know the type of image. If you want Corel Draw also render you tools to provide special effects to your bit map images or apply filters.

Open Photo Paint from CorelDRAW

As already mentioned, there are utilities that can only be used with images that are composed of bits, including which opens Photo Paint from CorelDRAW.

The same is called « Edit bitmap » and is one of the buttons located below the tabs, along with other tools.

To access it you must select the converted vectorized bitmap image, and then said button is selected.

is generally under the tab « Tools » and « Window «. In the press it a pop-up box will appear, which will be the Photo Paint.

It can be made the changes needed and to the end, you simply select « Save » to close the program. The changes will be reflected within a few seconds in the CorelDRAW .

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