How To Rotate And Duplicate Objects Using Corel Draw -Very Easy

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In our very modern world, there are a lot of trades that help the constant development of mankind . For example marketing, where we see ( Designers , merchant, producers, distributors, and others)

That’s why worldwide there is a constant training of professionals in all branches . Some do it through a tax study method through a university, tuition, teacher or any similar case. Although there are also other cases, people who are self-taught, which means learning by themselves.

And in the world of the internet this task is not so complicated, there are tasks where their professionals learned autonomously, such as the graphic designers and programmers.

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What you are a graphic designer?

The main job of a graphic designer is the creative content creation and striking in order to convey the message to as many people as possible. Through media such as berries, internet banners, TV commercials, and many others.

The main features of a graphic designer is handling incredible that has to convey an idea in the most optimal way, associating and understanding factors as they are the reason, art, colors, and even the public which is aimed directly the work.

Types graphic designer

There are different types of graphic designers, is the Publishing designer which is responsible for conducting their work in magazines, book covers, among other publications printed. There is also the corporate designer , whose work is commonly associated with packaged, business graphics and logos.

Other designers have their work in a more ad targeting , where their work is creating trade advertising a product through advertisements, propaganda and commercial illustrations. And finally, we see the web designers , which are responsible for the visual part of the pages on the Internet.

What programs should use a graphic designer?

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A graphic designer does not have a specific list of programs you need to perform their jobs. This is because each designer’s work is unique and customized differently to others; although there are some programs that may be mentioned according to critics of users.

Such as Adobe Photoshop which is one of the most recognized programs in graphic design according to internet sources, and as a second program Corel Draw is essential. Program known for its quality and innovation is their tools, which can download and install it easily. , although these two are primarily a designer can use other.

How can rotate and duplicate objects using Corel Draw?

Although Corel Draw allows many excellent editions as put custom effects for text and background fix the blur of a photograph, rotate and duplicate objects in a manual with the rotate and duplicate , speeding up and becomes much more efficient that process. And we saved a lot of steps compared to the manual process.

To access this option must open the object menu, then transformations , then turn . Although it can also be done more quickly by pressing the + & nbsp Alt keys; F8 .

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After this, a new interface where we can manipulate different tool options, as is the Angle duplication , the center of rotation and & will open nbsp ; anchor point . Modify the options we see necessary and the system shall make the turn and duplicate of the object.

This tool is very important for drawings symmetry, such as flowers. Using it just to do one petal, and apply the tool for the program to automatically generate and accurately all the petals until a spin 360 degrees to finish the drawing.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion you able to rotate and duplicate objects using Corel Draw? Do you think Corel Draw is or quality program ?, Leave your answers in the comments.

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