Using All Intents And Powerclip Options Corel Draw -Easy Guide

The tool PowerClip is undoubtedly very versatile and necessary, here we will show how to use all intents and PowerClip options Corel DRAW for the efficient driving.

To begin, it is important to know that this tool Corel DRAW used when we want to place an imported image within the figure created or copied without filler, with visible contour.

In other words, this tool will allow you to combine a solid background or image using any font, however, note that this must be Bold or Bold type. With this program you can adapt a text to a path quite easily.

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Undoubtedly, PowerClip is one of the largest and most used tools that gives you Corel DRAW as it provides enough practical solutions for all types of users.

Thanks to its versatility and multiple functions , with PowerClip we can use any vector form, whether ellipses, text, rectangles or any other vector object we happen to use.

Any object can serve as a container for placing bit map images such as photographs, but if the object is larger than the container that is cut to fit.

Create an object PowerClip

 PowerClip Corel DRAW
In the “File” menu select “Create a new sheet” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + N” to do this, then choose the size and type of measurement.

To create an object PowerClip begins drawing the object that will be the container bit image map that you use in this case, then import the image.

In the bar “Effects” menu, press the “PowerClip” then select the image to be located within the container and finally choose the option “ Place inside the container “.

Then the mouse cursor will take the form of arrow so you can select which will be the object that you will use as a container for the imported image.

Once created the PowerClip, you can edit its content by pressing “ Ctrl + click ” in the object, this not only allows you to edit but also view the contents of the same.

If you’re done with PowerClip, to exit press “ Ctrl + click ” out of the object or, at the bottom, locate the option of leaving in the icon bar.

If you want to move, rotate, resize or some other action, press “ Alt + click ” in order to select the content; Still, you can not view the hidden part of the object.

Improve the edges

Improve the edges of images makes them look more crisp quality to it, draw a circle or ellipse and placed within the image as PowerClip .

To make the edges look more sharp, crisp , select the image, move and adjust it to the shape, place it on another background to confirm that it has improved its quality.

With Tools menu you can add the effect you want, you can adjust the size, put shadows, change the color and many other creative effects that will surprise you.

PowerClip can keep the edge quality as long as you do a thorough job, remember that the most important thing is to maintain high image quality.

Edit text and logos

 text and logos with Corel Draw

With PowerClip you can create incredible text effects and logos, can use the filling mesh and apply a text or object.

To begin, locate the “Mesh Fill” and create a rectangle using the colors you prefer.

Place the colored rectangle within the logo as PowerClip , as necessary, manipulates the filling, turn can change the color or apply any other changes you see fit fit.

However, imperative to note that it is not possible to apply a mesh fill to a compound path, in the same way changes are made without modifying the original logo.

One of the effects most commonly used by designers in texts or logos is the “ Extrude ” in this case can using the extrusion tool for generating 3D objects , this type of effect creates a very striking result and you can easily apply.

Similarly, do not forget that if you do not like the result obtained in the image you can change it work without any problem when you want.

The tool allows you to PowerClip certainly work your images with amazing and very different effects without having to spend long hours editing or following complicated or cumbersome steps.

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