How To Use And Configure Different Design Guidelines In Corel Draw

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Corel Draw is a program that really brings a lot of really useful tools. Although many may prefer other program as Photoshop , this is one that really no slouch when it comes comfort and wanting to make things easier when you want to perform any action via its effects and templates, which can reach customize.

This is something that can be used in the design guidelines or guidelines drawing has Corel Draw . See below how you can use and configure to your liking.

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What are the design guidelines in Corel Draw?

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The design guidelines, also called drawing guides are a number of lines that can make them appear according to certain measures. These are used to limit or frame objects in a specific way. In fact, these same lines you have the option to align objects so symmetrical to what you need, so that you can make a presentation luxury.

There are lots of different lines you can use for these purposes, and are a excellent tool when it comes to designs that need symmetry, or be at a distinct something in particular.

How I can use the design guidelines?

Corel Draw you can find lots of tool that let us put all kinds of objects in a specific way according to what need.

These tools are design guidelines or drawing . If we go from the top menu that says «View» and click on it we can see all the design guidelines that are available in Corel Draw to the bottom of the list.

These are the page guides, grid, ruler, alignment guides and dynamic guides . Remember that you can access these guides if you activate the option dockers.

We can start talking about guidelines grids. This guide is easily activated from the toolbar on Show Grid, and when we do we see lots of lines forming a grid that allow us to align objects at our convenience.

To configure these guide lines and the other, you can access the menu «Tools» and then ‘Options’ . And, by accessing the list of «Document» and then to the «guidelines» you can see all the specifications of each of these guidelines.

This gives us the opportunity to change the spacing between horizontal and vertical lines. Remember that the same guidelines apply to other lines in all its aspects, including color . As for cuardrícula guide, you will see that each object you make on it will seek to align with a line.

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Although you can disable this in the options. This also applies to other guidelines. On the other hand, it is the baseline grid. These guidelines serve perfectly for objects you want to align horizontally or different planes if you want.

In addition, alignment lines can be used to align objects perfectly at your convenience. Everytime you move an object and have alignment guides activated; you will see that the object displays a «ghost» lines that you show where or how they will align.

Also, dynamic lines are timelines that focus on different angles. The idea is to use the same objects to align or couple effectively on the basis of a particular angle.

The angle is used, the number of lines displayed and how they appear how they can be edited in their options, and are an excellent tool to work easily symmetry and perspective.

They also help in maintaining objects a distance specific , which will mark us online through a legend and ghost line when it has done guide.

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