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Currently, computer programs are truly amazing tools because they help us to do many tasks more easily. Including maintaining administrative control, logical mathematical operations, emailing , among many others.

Hence, the importance of knowing how to use these programs has grown to such an extent that at the least a large percentage of the world population should know basics of using an operating system , and In turn, know how to handle programs typically used by users.

Programs such as browser, office automation, files of different types, editing , and among others. Therefore, some programs like Corel Draw needs a variety of information on the internet about handling it, so that users have the most resources in their learning.

What is Corel Draw?

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Corel Draw is a platform with many advantages which can download and install it easily used for creation schemes, logos, illustrations and other visual elements . Which is regularly used by designers; but it can also be used by inexperienced people, with a little preparation in the subject to add contour objects, fix the blur a photograph put custom text and background effects, etc. .

We can accommodate from simple creations with this program as is the logo of Pizza Hut or McDonald’s, to designing work with many more complexity as they are the subject focused on engineering and organizational marketing.

It is also a tool that is not limited to be developed for a single customer. Since works not only OS Windows , but we can also use it on computers that use MacOS , which means that you can also Apple users use it.

What brings important tools Corel Draw?

The tools of the latest version of Corel Draw launched in 2020 are the result of constant development in the program, which has its beginnings since 1989. So we can see that the latest version brings within its toolkits wrapping, extruding, mixing and perspective .

We can also see tools shadow, rack and whirlpool (the latter two mostly affect nodes and lines). We can see the text and dynamic alignment guides for precise placement taking into account other objects.

Even tools can see a little more advanced and are falloff, spiral, reject and attract ; where you can change the style and harmony of color. Already in the past few deliveries using artificial intelligence tools, as is the oversampling images and PowerTRACE .

How to use the smart fill tool in Corel Draw?

Fill tool is smart extremely useful for users, because not only does a filler in a particular object within its borders, but that when applying this option, the program automatically considered which it has created a new item .

So that if we move the filled object, we will be the initial object without this filler and will also be the new object, that is, we’ll two objects on our . We can find this tool in Corel toolbars to the top end down.

Even, we can see that selecting the tool a property bar appears to us at the top, where you can specify fill and outline . In both cases, the options appear default, select and unfilled or shapeless (depends on where we are located).

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This tool helps us to try different objects which we then incorporate a final result, and other uses that depend on creative designer or user. What really matters is that this tool avoid damaging an object at the time to try it.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However we would like to know your opinion You could use the smart fill tool Corel Draw? Do you know other ways of using Corel Draw tools? Leave your answers in the comments.

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