Adding Contour Object Using The Mask In Corel Photo Paint

 contour object

Sometimes, we emphasize the important parts of a document using a highlighter. In Corel Photo Paint do the same, when we place an outline in the text within a design. Read this post. Here we will show you the right of way to add contour objects, using the mask in Corel Photo Paint.

Adding contour objects from the mask tool

In the case of photos or images, make them stand placing them in frames or frames of colors and shapes that draw attention. Apparently, always appealing to our eyes the outlines of a text or object. With the mask tool in Corel Photo Paint get ready to add contour objects and make them attractive.

With the Corel Photo Paint, can add contour to digitally objects; They can be text or images, only using the mask. Also, we can make frames with shadow Photo Paint a picture with . we to show off your images, making them more attractive and salient, but even better, maintaining its quality.

Apply contour objects from the mask tool

The use of masks is very common. Therefore, in many cases it is important href=””> . This program has the advantage of add contour object, using the Mask tool in three different ways.

You can choose whether the contour object is to be located inside the mask outside the Contour Mask or placing it in the middle of the selection. Let us remember that you can not apply this effect directly to a text layer without converting to the subject.

 sunset in a city

Create Mask from object

That action we accomplish right-clicking on the text object and choosing “ Render as object “, in doing so we will have it ready to edit <./p>

If we have the figure established and selected, we must right click for the options tab is displayed. Being here choose “Create mask from object” and begin to apply the desired object contour.

Adding contour objects within the mask ?

Having generated the mask, we can choose the tool for add contour . For example, select a brush, specify their values, place a diameter and choosing the color. We find ourselves on the selection, right click option will be displayed where “Brushstroke from mask”. A pick her see the box Choose position Stroke . And we outline the three options

Select “inside the mask”, click on OK and deselecting we completed. Ready !, we applied our object contour. To do this on the edges and picture frames , make these look more appealing.

What do contour add objects outside or in the middle of the selection mask ?

The process to follow is similar to the one you mentioned earlier. Only when you get to the section where you box appears Choose the stroke position, you must you pick out the mask, or Center edge mask .

 woman contour picture

In the center edge contour effect mask, we see that the action is highlighted half outward inward half mask. While “inside the mask”, you will notice the object outline from the edge of the mask inward; and failing the “Out Mask” option, the contour will be seen from the edge of the mask outward.

It will be fun to edit text, images or photographs from this wonderful graphics editor. A going using this tool, you’ll still know new techniques and effects. For example: using tools to cut and assemble a picture of Corel Photo Paint , or to create a clipping mask using text in an image in Corel Photo Paint .

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Corel Photo Paint conclude that we offer several ways to add contour objects using the mask; not to mention its wide variety of tools and effects to edit pictures. We want to know if I was helpful what you have read in this post. Therefore, it would be nice to see on the box your valuable comment.

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