How I Can Add, Edit Or Remove Shadows To Objects With Corel Photo Paint

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Corel Photo Paint is a tool or program that is generating buzz, it’s definitely one of the best on the market. Why? An important part of this tool is Gregar and edit shadows on objects .

It has a price pretty cheap and is comprehensive, easy to use. Corel paint photo editor will allow the user from crop an image to make purely professional designs. Handling shadows and add transparency effects to text edge and enrich much design.

It is certainly a very complete tool, but you might have some doubts how to add, edit or remove shadows with Corel Photo Paint . Well actually you’re in the right place. You will learn today how to use this magnificent tool in the area of ​​shadows of objects, do not takeoffs to learn more.

How do I add or edit shadows to objects with Corel Photo Paint?

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You will be surprised to know that with Corel Photo Paint can do many amazing things; create and set different types of shadows to different types of objects by changing the color, the position and direction of an object. Also, you can clone and correct imperfections in images with Corel Photo Paint.

In the same way we can add shadows preset or customized to our object There are three types of shadows that can be applied to any object or image.

  • Glow: A shadow focus from the form that conceals a source of light shining directly in front of the object
  • .

  • Plana: Those shadows offset that simulate the effect of a directional light
  • .

  • Perspective: Create deep object
  • .

The find tool shadows under the draft already positioned on the panel. You can apply the shadows of two ways, selecting “preset shadow” and then modify it or you can position yourself on the object and hold down the left click of the mouse and drag to create this shadow. It may seem complicated especially when the image is bottomless, for it can use the tool trimming laboratory.

In the top left you will see that shows the preset shadows. In the position yourself in each of them, you will notice that a preview of each, this will facilitate your work shown to add that the shadow. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Take a custom shadow How do I keep it?

It is very easy, to the right side of the shadows preset you find a sign “+” dale click there, then A window will appear and add the name of your choice in the shade already created.

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How I can delete a preset shadow?

Well, from the right side of the shadows preset is located the sign “-” to the to click there a check box dale click to accept will appear and you will be removed from your shadow <./p>

Other two ways to remove an established shade is positioning yourself on the object and go to the object manager that appears on the right side.

Next, find you with a small icon white indicating that the object has a shadow; just give right click there, then to click in the shade, remove shadow and ready. This way you will eliminate unwanted shadows from Corel Photo Paint.

No doubt this tool is unique, allows the user to create the best images and edit them at a professional level, something not all instruments of this class have .

It is also very adaptable people who are as beginners in this medium at establishing very creative designs .. We hope that all information provided will help take better shape editing objects

In addition to using this handy tool Corel Photo Paint not only you will stand out for being a professional but definitely will not regret trying all their instruments.

We appreciate very much that the bottom leave us your comment to know your opinion on the matter and do not forget to share this information on your social networks with friends and family, so more people will know this professional sophisticated tool.

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