How To Apply The Blur Effect Bokeh Background Or Images With Corel Photo Paint

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Whether because you want to improve the quality of the pictures you take and edit on your computer. Or simply want to improve the picture posted on your social networks, apply the Bokeh blur effect is possible with Corel Photo Paint.

If you did not know the program also has the href=””> and the option to create and apply motion blur effect.

Despite being a term known only in the environment of photographers. If you are starting out in the publishing world can know that it is a very useful tool .

Using this tool can achieve higher picture quality and blur created through the program options to achieve a better result.

If you are a user of Corel Photo Paint and would like to better understand their functions to optimize its use read on to discover how to use the bokeh effect.

Learn to apply the blur effect Bokeh! Step

With this tool what you want to create the image is to specify a space or object fully detailed . While the background shows a total blur accompanied by lights that enhance the effect.

For Corel Photo Paint, is not necessary to use a sequence of effects for this edition. For among your settings offers direct option to this change.

will have allowed select the amount of defocus you want to apply to the outside of the area or object that has been selected to equal the transition between the two.

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Among the recommendations given in this article, is that the Bokeh is best viewed in those images that are accompanied by lights dark backgrounds .

Corel Photo Paint has multiple effects that allow you to edit and create amazing pictures, other effects you can call your attention are, the effect of double exposure, the effect of moisture paint.

Steps to apply the effect Bokeh

Once opened, the content inside the program should begin by selecting the area you want to keep in focus.

In the vertical menu displayed on the left of the screen you will find the selection options in “ Tools mascara brush ” that covers the object.

To this you can change the size, the degree of selection and turn a series of modifications that can be added once you’ve chosen focus area.

Once this is done only access the tab “ Effects ” press on “ Blur ” and click on the option “ Blur Bokeh “.

On your screen will display a window with the options available within the blur effect. Among which is “ Number of blurring “, “ Form opening “, “ Area of ​​focus ” and selecting “ Invert mask “.

You will appreciate each change you make using the button “ Preview ” and when you’re done just press “ OK ” and uncheck the object.

Why should create the Bokeh effect on your photos?

Although we have already spoken clearly about the essence of applying the blur effect Bokeh you edit images. You remember that the function of this tool is to increase the quality of the parts to be unfocused.

It seeks to increase the aesthetics and concentrate the interest of the person to the area or object that is detailed to have a greater role.

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Another positive aspect because it is a tool widely used to video recordings, is to increase the professionalism of the portrait images.

One content that has this effect is recognized to possess unique features as not possess chromatic aberrations that diminish the quality of the lens.

Another aspect is the gradual blurring that is perceived between the focused area and the transition that reaches the bottom, usually performed smoothly.

Finally, many images that make up this effect have points of light that spread evenly throughout the image, with a delicate and homogeneous deleted.

Corel Photo Paint lets you create all these features through its tool Bokeh effect so that your content will always have a professional look.

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