How I Can Apply The Mean Effect Tone To The Text Using Corel Photo Paint

 halftone corel Photo Paint

Using powerful software for creating and editing, has become a very common practice among users, who want to give you a professional touch to work.

This time we’ll talk about using a tool that is used heavily in this application. That is why in the next tutorial, we’ll show you the steps you need to follow so you can apply the average effect tone to the text using Corel Photo Paint.

 apply effect

Since making a generalizing long been using Corel Photo Paint because it allows work much faster, if is compared with other similar characteristics. This is due to its large versatile and provide an interface that can be customized to the needs and tastes of the user who is using it.

We’ve already given different item, which will show the use of its multiple graphical editing tool. If you want to see the tutorial on how to colorize images in black and white with Corel Photo Paint.

But now we’ll show the use of another function, where you will learn How can I apply the average effect tone to the text using Corel Photo Paint.

How can I apply the average effect tone to the text using Corel Photo Paint

So we can optimally use the various functions or tools Corel Photo Paint application. And we can apply custom effect texts or funds, here we will explain and for that, we will go to the application and we will open a worksheet. In her first, we will create a fund with the color of our choice.

Now this background, we will write the text, which then will add the effect of Halftone . To write the text, we will head to the left side menu and will choose the text tool. Then we make a clip on the bottom and started writing the text and the top loas options are displayed, to give the desired format.

So here we can choose the font, style, size, color etc. after making the design of our text. Let us now select the creation tool box and this will change the fill color to one that is solid and the outline will be zero. We will put this rectangle at the bottom of our fund.

Application halftone effect to the text

The next step will be to go to the upper main menu and choose tab Effect , then we will click on the Blur option and then Gaussian Blur. We try to give an average blur, so that the average effect perfect pitch and click on OK. Now, we return again to the effect tab and then click on the color transformation option.

And finally click on the tones Media option, this action will generate us a picture and it will place the maximum Radio option points in 10. And then we clip OK, now we’re going to lead the layer we created, this is on the right side. And we’re going to change the color , for that, we selected and we click on it.

And then we will select the Create mask from object, now we will lead the side menu and select the Smart fill tool. And finally we will select a color, we clip Apply and remove the mask. Now let’s put this box on the text, so that is one half with solid color and the other half tone.

Now we are positioned on the text layer, then we clip right and choose the option Create mask from object. We then positioned over the layer have the effect of halftone, right click and select the Trim by mask .

 create halftone

And then we remove the mask, thus we conclude the tutorial and you can tell how simple and easy it is applying the average effect tone to the text using Corel Photo Paint.

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