Undoing The Last Action With The Eraser Tool And Brush In Corel Photo Paint

drawing a paint brush in corel photo

So far you have learned us how to colorize images in black and white, cómo change the color of an image in Photo Paint also how to apply motion blur , or edit with the brush disseminator of images. You have learned a lot in a short time. Now we want to enrich your knowledge with this post on How to undo the last action in Corel Photo Paint with the eraser tool and brush.

How can you undo the last action in Corel Photo Paint with the eraser tool and brush ?

As evidence could have, Corel Photo Paint is software that has been very friendly to the their apply different tools, because in a very short time you can become familiar with it, mainly performing digital artistic productions editing .

Naturally, you want the best results, so this also software offers within its range of attributes of improve , and even < strong> retouch images to achieve more accurate strokes and strokes and higher quality.

So then, you will see easily and quickly How to undo the last action performed with the eraser tool and brush in Corel Photo Paint , but first let’s look using the draft .

Using the eraser tool

It is common mistakes committed plotting with the brush at the time of edit an image , in these cases we use the draft , and if the layer contains text can not erase the image unless you convert the layer object.

As you may know, this tool is in the Properties Bar , to the activate a menu with other properties that belong to this tool will be displayed.

 eraser tool in corel photo paint

Within these properties are: the type and Nib size, diameter, Flatten, add transparency, add melted function aliasing, or gripping the pen.

After setting these properties proceed to power this tool; but What happens when you delete accidentally outside the area? or have not used the right configuration? Let’s look at what alternatives you have.

Undoing the last action in Corel Photo with brush tool

When you make a change particularly in the property bar within the tool set of brushes, you have the Brush Undo , which located on the left side part of the program.

With the help of this can tool Undo totally, or partial only the last action you have made to the have deleted a portion of the image. How to activate it?

  • Click on the brush tool and hold down the left mouse button.
  • . Immediately a menu will be displayed with four options, the third option is Undo Brush
  • Press and hold the tool as traces strokes over the area to recover
  • .

Undoing the deletion

Since the Undo Brush Tool only lets you undo the last action you’ve done, there are a couple of alternatives that will help; one of them is to apply transparency or other properties to achieve overlay effects .

 screen capture corel photo paint

But if the case is that you want to completely restore the original image that mistakenly erased, then do the following:


  • Go to the bar of the Corel Photo Paint program and there click on the Undo tool.
  • Click as many times as necessary, or until you get the picture totally erased by mistake.

You see how easy it is to amend what seemed a hopeless mistake ?; Why Corel Photo Paint is one of the favorite programs in the artistic design . This program offers many ways to solve various problems; such as correct images with the tool Photo Paint effects.

In the worst cases, you can even arrange blur a picture with Corel Photo Paint . And now that you know how to undo last action ; using the eraser tool and brush in Corel Photo Paint, you’ll still making progress in using this great tool and get the expected result in your images.

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