How To Create Or Text With 3d Effect Using Corel Photo Paint -Easy And Fast

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Do you know what is 3D technology? Have you ever wondered what Corel Photo Paint? You know how you can create a 3D text in Corel Photo Paint ? If you’re new to using software for creating digital advertising with 3D effect or if you are interested in learning, stay and we’ll show you fastest way and simple to do .

The 3D technology covers many areas, in our case it is innovation that have many programs digital design that enable us display images in 3 dimensions; which are: the width, height and depth. So this way display images as we do in real life.

What is Corel Photo Paint

As we know, Corel Photo Paint is a computer software used in the creating and editing graphics rasterized or better known as bitmap images. We may be made from such simple tasks such as cropping images to complex professional design work.

This software is characterized as a versatile and fast program compared to other programs design. Among the many features found in their work environment, we highlight the equalizers color, texture brushes, creative filters, cloning tools and image retouching, among others.

How to create a 3D text in Corel Photo Paint

The simplest way to create a 3D text in Corel Photo Paint will be detailed below in the following steps:

  • Once you open the interface of our program, select the option that says “background” , located on the right panel in our work environment.
  • We will give color to the bottom of the worksheet using any of the equalizers color located on the right or bottom of the working environment.
  • Following that insert on our text by selecting icon in the shape of “A” that is on the bar to the right of the interface, this will add the font type, size letter and focus on the sheet.
  • A select below the top bar icon “Perspective” and holding down the Ctrl key + the left button of the mouse, drag the text down to put him down and towards the center to stretch then we click “apply” to validate the operation.
  • To give depth, select the text layer and will copy a number of times; depending on the volume we want, as shown in the illustration below.

3D desktop photo paint

First 3D visualization of a text in Corel Photo Paint

  • Select the last text layer affixed to the panel and press the “down arrow” of your keyboard to add depth to the image.
  • Now letting down the first layer of the list + Shift, go to the window “Flatten and Distribute” located in the lower right corner of the panel, and we will click “Distributing Centers Vertically” .
  • will click in the window “Object Manager” located at the top right of the panel and followed it we click “Merge Selected Objects” and the first 3D effect appears the image.
  • Once combined objects, select the “layer volume” on the panel , we’ll go to the top bar of the interface and give a click on “effects”, then “Custom” and Finally in “Bandpass”.
  • In the window that opens the passband, apply a frequency and bandwidth at our discretion, then we’ll click “OK” and would ready our 3D text in Corel Photo Paint.

tool 3d paint corel photo

So this way you could learn from the 3D digital technology is and how to make 3D text in Corel Photo Paint following 10 easy steps. If you liked this article and want to continue to get quality information, do not forget to share and leave your comment.

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