Changing The Color Image On The Other Using Corel Photo Paint

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know you can change the color of an image for another with Corel Photo Paint? Here we show you how. Here we show you how to change the color of the other image using Corel Photo Paint. Previously can review and decide whether you shape the image , or other necessary adjustments.

How can you change the color of the other image using Corel Photo Paint?

Only you need a few tools, open your program Corel Photo Paint and come with us, we’ll explain in a few steps:

Preparing the Image

  • Open the file where you saved the image, right click open recalls directly with Corel Photo Paint.
  • It is good time to decide whether to make any changes to the image, as resize to the blade, rotate or duplicate .
  • Opens the Object Manager , select Window in the menu and press Dockers.
  • Duplicates a layer to work on it, because in this program work based on layers and thus do not run the risk of damaging the image.
  • On the duplicate layer click New order at the bottom right.
  • You can edit some basic settings, as it is increasing or decreasing tolerance , so will increase or decrease the extent of color; everything depends on the area you are going to color, because if you apply two different tones on one area would be desirable a lower level of tolerance for better contrast.
  • can also create and edit watermarks on photos or images with this app adding value and sophistication to your design.

Change the color of an area of ​​the image in Corel Photo Paint

  • First select the foreground color from the property bar, change the values, double-click on this option, or you can choose it from the color palette that is at the bottom.
  • A jogging the color of the foreground is automatically added to the color palette.
  • Go to the Properties Bar located on the left side, click the tool Account drop , you’ll have three areas or sizes: 1 × 1, 3 × 3, 5 × 5, or if you prefer specifies the area.
  • After choosing the appropriate area click on the image area you want to change the color.
  • Then select the layer that you have duplicated.
  • Go to the Properties Bar again and select the tool Replace Color , touch and hold steadily with the left button of the mouse, as all color them the area you have chosen to change the color.

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How to change the color of the image by two or more colors

  • Follow the previous steps to change the color of the image or image area.
  • Choose other color from the color palette.
  • Click on the drop counts tool and select an area.
  • Click again on the area you want to color with the second color.
  • Go to the Properties Bar again and select the tool Replace Color , trace about the area or area to apply the color, try not to leave any space without coloring.
  • Finally, press File , then Export and colócale name your file, jpeg you can store type, and click on Export .
  • If you ask if you want to merge into a single object click OK , or OK .

Another method faster to change color to an image in Corel Photo Paint

  • Follow exactly the previous steps of preparing the image.
  • Choose the foreground color from the property bar and change the values.
  • Click the brush from the property bar, as you know other options related to this tool will be enabled
  • .

  • should choose a brush shape chord to the area to color.
  • Select an appropriate size.
  • This part also can grade the degree of Opacity if you want to activate this feature.
  • It must be carefully coloring your brush.
  • If coloreaste inadvertently to another area, click on the Drafts on the property bar and erases imperfections.
  • Once you’re done go to the blending mode , where you have several options to choose the one that best suits the desired shade

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  • These steps must be repeated for the following areas, always remembering that you create another layer to color areas and settings must modify
  • .

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  • Export the image as in the method above and you’ve finished.

As you could notice, it is very simple change the color image by another using Corel Photo Paint, so it achieves the best effects and colors on your images.

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