How To Change The Resolution, Sheet Size, Rotate And Duplicate An Image | Corel Photo Paint

When we start a project we undertake the search for programs that meet our standards tools for creating our content. And it is that when images This is the margin of error is very small, so Corel Photo-Paint has become a favorite.

This time we’ll show some of your tools when handling your content, so do not miss the opportunity to learn to master them.

What is Corel Photo-Paint?

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Corel Photo-Paint is a plug-in software editing CorelDRAW creating the link between graphic design and photo editing.

This software allows editing of bit map images (photos) with different professional editing tools that allow us to create great visual projects.

It has the option to create or work with layers in a document allowing < strong> keep your job regardless of the changes made. CorelDRAW can correct images with effects tool quickly and simple. Through its retouching tool we can correct those imperfections that bother us in our photographs as spots or red eye.

Includes drawing tools, typography and effects for your creations are much more personalized, you can agregarles texts and even create or text with 3D effect and perform incredible designs. In turn presents a machine learning system allow you to make changes in the images and corrections in composition either manually or automatically.

Corel Photo-Paint has special effects that you can use for your creations looks around the world, one of the things you can is to put lights and neon effect.

How to do it with Corel Photo-Paint?

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To learn how to change the resolution , the sheet size, rotate and duplicate an image in Corel Photo-Paint, choose an image where required to implement these options.

This will alter properties to obtain the expected result using the questions that are answered then. Let each more detail


How to change the resolution?

If you want to change the degree of quality or sharpness that has a bit image map you have to do once chosen the image, select “Image”. Located on the top bar.

come forth a list of options, there must place you in “Resampling” . Then a box will show two options image size and resolution with which we can change our taste will appear.

Three options are also more such as “ Smooth, Maintain Aspect Ratio and Maintain original size” , located in the lower right corner.

If you select “Keep portion” we can modify the image values ​​and other values ​​automated proportionally be modified. A resolution changing our image will change the size.

If you select “Keep original size” changes made to the resolution and image size, the size stored in memory will be preserved. Click “OK” in order to save our changes.

How to resize sheet?

If you’re looking to create space to add any comments or footer, you have to do is select “Image”, “paper size”.

will display a box that shows us width, height and size , if you modify any of these options we can see in the preview what the outcome. Now in the “Position” option we can choose the location of the image related to the changes we have made.

In this way we can focus or set to a specific place according to the list of options displayed to the click. If our liking this option has the opportunity to change the background color to the new space created in our image. Finalized changes click “OK”.

How can rotate an image?

Corel Photo-Paint rotate images to give the position you want to selecting “Image” , “Rotate” . We will have four options 90 ° right, 90 ° left, 180 ° and customize.

How duplicate an image?

What if you want a copy of your image in a different file? This is also very simple, go to the top, select bar “Image” , “Duplicate” . Place a new title to your image in “as” then “OK” and voila, your image been successfully duplicated.

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