How To Colorize Images In Black And White With Corel Photo Paint -Step By Step

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Thinking about that photo colorize black and white you like it? With us you will learn step by step how colorize images black and white using Corel Photo Paint.

How can colorize images in black and white with Corel Photo Paint?

Only a few will use Corel Photo Paint tools for coloring including logos, pictures or photos are damaged with the passage of time; or if what you want is to practice with this program because you’re starting, then pay attention to these simple steps; but before you know that the image colorizarla progressively and areas:

  • First open the program, then find and open the image.
  • Now create a copy and creates a layer.
  • On the toolbar, select the laboratory settings in Settings; this to prepare the image, give brightness and hue.
  • On the left side tool bar select v magic arita , and begins to outline the area to colorize.

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  • On the top bar go to «tolerance» and increase it; and you will have more colors.
  • Now click Select , then choose a brush from the toolbar and sized according to the area you are going to colorize, and proceeds delinearla very carefully.
  • To remove some imperfect areas of the image, select subtractive mode option , so you can delete lines that mistakenly or give delineaste account.
  • You can also decreasing tolerance if you want and draw on these areas.
  • Those areas you have not been selected, adjust them with the brush. can spread the image selections with the brush as well.
  • Go to the window of the Object Manager, please click on the button new object, and there will create a new blank layer object.
  • Now select the tool filled interactive and choose a color; if you go to color the background of your image, you must now select a color from the options bar, and the color palette click Apply.
  • Removes the selection and change his blending mode from normal to overlay mode.
  • If after colorized background or area of ​​your notes image some imperfections, as mostly happens with hair can use the delete to remove them; This is especially true with the hair.
  • If the area has been colorizaste too dark or too light, you can graduate it in the options Transparency or Opacity .
  • If you deleted more than necessary, take a brush again, which can be configured with the desired paint those areas or fill them in size.
  • Once you’ve finished with that area, proceed to colorize another area by clicking on the new layer.
  • You must go to work in layers according to each zone to colorize and repeat the previous steps, to colorize the image completely.  black and white scarlett johansson

How to save the image in Corel Photo Paint?

Once you have completed to colorize each and every one of the areas of the image, you have two ways to save:

  1. Save as file PSP where you can make future editions.
  2. Save as file JPEG .
  3. How do I change the color of an area with Corel Photo Paint?

    If you are not satisfied with the color chosen, you could change after saving as PSP and repeat the process; but you could also change as you go colorizando each area so you prove what color would be better off. If you are not satisfied with the brightness text or shapes can improve it using tool available in the application.

    If so, go to the tool Saturation , or press Ctrl + H , finally, choose another color; right there you can try different levels of tonality.

    What we show is one of the ways of how colorize images in black and white with Corel Photo Paint step by step. Ah, do not forget can print Corel Photo Paint physicist to enjoy your work. We hope that you achieve the best effects, and enjoy as you apply what you learned.

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