Creating A Custom Color Palette In Corel Photo-Paint

 Create a custom color palette in Corel Photo Paint

Designing a job is really hard and incredible . Those engaged in this work are always looking to upgrade and use the best possible tools for their creations are simply the best.

There are many aspects to consider when designing, one of them (without any doubt the most valued) is the palette . Tool that can even colorize black and white images to your taste .

How important it is to apply the correct colors in designs?

The impact generated colors on people is crucial in any kind of multimedia work. Either in the design of a logo, brochures and even in movies. Color science is studied to generate power different types of feelings.

 apply the correct colors in the designs

The color palette in Corel Photo-Paint

One of the most used programs for designing digital content is Corel Photo-Paint , this tool has positioned itself as one of the most popular and efficient along with other renowned programs.

This time, you learn a little more thorough, extraordinary features that have this program for creating a customizable color palette .

How to display the color palette

The color palette is not an element that is at first glance once you start using Corel Photo-Paint, so it is necessary that enable them. To do this, you must:

  1. tab go to “Window” .
  2. locate yourself on the section “Dockers”.
  3. Select “Color Palette Manager.”
  4. Once you already have the color palette coupled between your windows and enter that section, you can display a button for creating a new palette of colors empty. At this point, it should be noted that Corel Photo-Paint has a default color palette, but this can not be customized .

    Using the color palette based on an image

     Using the color palette

    One of the most striking options offered Corel Photo-Paint concerning the color palette, it is to create a new palette from an image . To do this, the window manager color palettes, you can select the option ” create a new palette from the selected objects” or the button ” create a new palette from the document”


    From this action, a dialog is opened with the full range of colors that are in the document or the selected object.

    • You can select a color and editing, giving shades lighter or darker.
    • Remove colors do you think is missing.
    • Add some new colors.
    • Sort colors .

    All colors at your disposal

    So you can visualize your color palette at the bottom of the toolbar Corel Photo-Paint, need to click on an arrow at the bottom left of your screen.

    1. Display colors from image.
    2. Select the number of colors you want to appear in the toolbar.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Tips to create your color palette

      Following the guidelines that dictates the color psychology and expert opinion in respect to the time to work with a color palette to design a logo or some other design which want to create a specific impact (even for < a href = ""> apply image effects ), the following is recommended

      • Study the psychology of color : Know what expresses each color before using it in a design, so you know what you are communicating and how you can feel a person seeing an ad or logo <./li>
      • Includes various shades : It is important to have variety, so it is highly recommended that you edit the colors that you include in your palette, varying in brightness and contrast and have a proper balance.
      • Without much load : There are many recommendations for the use of different colors. This is recommended not to use more than three colors if your design is small.

      It’s time to create

      Use the tools incredible that we provide Corel Photo-Paint not only for create your color palette and add warm tones and perfect all your designs , but to crear to animated GIFs images. Establishes and creates different palettes for more than a full arsenal and bring your work to another level.

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