Creating Or Applying Halftone Effect Picture Using Corel Photo Paint

halftone corel paint

The furor that caused the image editing program known as Corel Photo Paint such be due to the myriad of effects that can be created with it.

But many users who would like to know you more about this fabulous application. As we understood this, we offer the following article to teach you in simple steps, how to create or apply halftone effect picture using Corel Photo Paint.

 create halftone effect

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We could dwell on explaining the different effects that can make our photographs, texts or images. But in this small article we would not have enough space to do so. That is why, we are doing our best to teach them in a very didactic way and does not cause entanglement, such as producing these amazing effects .

Before we show you how to create the effect of dispersion using Corel Photo Paint, very easily. then we show them what to do to create or apply halftone effect picture using Corel Photo Paint just follow the steps below you will offer.

How to create or apply halftone effect picture using Corel Photo Paint

What we do for create or apply halftone effect picture using Corel Photo Paint . First, enter our application and then we insert the photo to which you will apply the effect. As you know, on the right side we will find all href=»»> and are creating.

This first layer will be the photo we will double this to have it backup in case we do not get the desired results. To do this, select the layer and then we press the Ctrl + D keys duplicate the hide and the original photo layer, we will change the name smoothing.

To soften the picture, we go to the Effect tab to apply image effect, this We are in the top menu, then choose the Defocus option on it, the Smart Blur option. In the box that appears, place a smart blur clip 60 and then we do OK. This smoothing layer also duplicate it.

To this layer will change the name midtone and now we proceed to desaturarla to do so, we will go to the Setup tab and then click on the Desaturate . This layer now staying in gray tone and halftone called duplicate it. And we’ll put Edge name, now we’ll halftone layer.

Using the Halftone effect on a photo using Corel Photo Paint

With this layer selected, we go to the Effect tab and choose the Transformation of the color and then Halftone option. Cerciórate have hidden layer edges, so that it can apply the effect. And in the Halftone box, place the maximum Radio option worth 10 points and finally we clip OK.

And change the Blending mode for this layer to Overlay and thus already applying will have the effect of semitone to the photo . As you can see apply this effect is very simple, but always keep in mind why certain aspect can have optimal results when making your photo creations.

 apply halftone effect

Also, if you want you can use tools Gums, for any photo editing and so have the results you are looking for. It is very easy to use this program and let you do almost everything you can imagine.

And so we come to the end of this interesting tutorial to teach you a few steps you have to take to create or apply halftone effect picture using Corel Photo Paint.

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