Creating The Scattering Effect Using Corel Photo Paint -Very Easily

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The photograph shows us a way to capture moments you cherish. For some people it is a way to express himself and to make known their way of seeing things.

Throughout history photography has evolved , happened to be in rolls that later were revealed to be available with just a touch of our fingers. At present this has been taken one step further, this is thanks to the graphics editing.

Currently there are many programs that help us to edit our photos , we may be able to be a little confused when choosing which one to use. We must be very careful and know how to choose among those best suited to our needs.

How to create the scattering effect using Corel Photo Paint?

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Among the best programs available today we find Corel Photo Paint, Corel developed by the company. This is one of the best graphics editing tools, is also ranked among the best receptivity has had.

With Corel Photo Paint program can be made from simple image touch-ups colorize images in black and white, to you advanced photo editing working with layers in a document, correct images with the tool effects. If you have a thorough understanding of the functions and all we can do with this program, we will be able to perform professional jobs.

Corel Photo Paint presents a easy to understand interface , which can modify to our liking if desired. It also is a fast and powerful tool with her great performance make it one of the best programs positioned in the market.

Among the most important functions that we perform, we find the treatment of typefaces and color , so filters and coloring tools . One of the most striking features are the image editing , this can create amazing effects transforming the appearance of the image .

It is compatible with other programs such as Photoshop. This way is very important to properly manage this program and make good use of it. Therefore in this article we will learn how to create the scattering effect using Corel Photo Paint.

Steps to create the effect of dispersion using Corel Photo Paint

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The first thing to do is open the program Corel Photo Paint . Before beginning must have created our own brushes spot. What you should do is create a uniform background below our image.

Normally, working with layers . It is advisable to duplicate the layer of our image if an error occurs. Now hide one of the layers and which is visible you apply the liquid blur effect .

To do this, select the blur tool liquid located to the left of the screen, you can also adjust the diameter of the brush to our measure, we rest all the same.

Now we go to one side of the image and letting down the left click, drag out image . We do this in all parties want to apply the effect, then we go to the layer and right-clicking we apply a mask to hide everything.

Hidden layer

A hidden layer we will apply a mask to show all , and we’ll start and work on this. Now select the brush , located on the left and select one of the brushes generate stain.


We’re off to the side of the image where we apply the above effect and started to click along it with this will be erasing part of the image. Importantly, we have to have black as foreground.

Then we go to the layer where we create the first effect and select it by clicking on it, and for this we chose white as the foreground. Then select the brush tool and brush spot we like more.

Now, we’ll start to click over the picture, what does this action is to make visible all those parts that we blur at the beginning. Can change the size of our brush to find the effect you want.

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Ready so we can see how it is creating the effect of dispersion and finally store our image.

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