How To Create And Place A Superimposed Effect Of Lights To An Image With Corel Photo Paint

 woman in corel PhotoPaint

Corel Photo Paint it is one of the tools that Adobe placed in your hands to facilitate editing your photos, here we show you how to place lights effect easily.

The effect of overlapping lights can give you a professional touch and sometimes more fun to your photos , learn to do is basic.

If you want to experiment with your photos, Corel Photo Paint program is right for that. This program has a lot of effects that will give a unique touch to your photos, whether you use the tool to correct your photos or want to give a new approach to effects like motion blur .

What should you do to place a lighting effect? ​​

The first thing to do is choose your image and get an idea of ​​the lights you want to place and of course, have installed Corel Photo Paint.

We recommend that once opened the project, copy layer , to avoid making permanent changes, so you can try different things.

Layer opacity copied

In the copied layer will begin to work, adapts hue, saturation and brightness for the slightly duller colors look.

Create your lights

Open a new layer completely from scratch, here you will begin to add the lights, you can do this procedure repeatedly to add several lights or make you all in a single layer.

Fill intelligent

Continue using the “ Fill Smart ” with this you will add the lights, start by selecting the get on the left side of the screen, tool usually at the bottom corner.

Now click “ Edit fill ” you will find at the top of the tool pane, once this menu displays, you have to edit the fill color.

You must use a strong color and white also must raise the level of transparency of the color, You do this by clicking on this and taking the item “ Transparency” 100% “.

 light design with woman in corel

If the color does not you see much, can decrease a little transparency, and achieved it look better, you just have set the shape of the filling , circular, triangular, rectangular, you have several options.

Locates light

Depending on how you’ve chosen, must give place to light , Place it in a way that does not cover much the important points of the photo, for example, a face.

Once you have chosen the site where it will light, press “ Apply “, now you just have to change the blending mode of the layer in which you placed the light and choose “ Override “.

Repeat these steps several times, edit the color of the layers and put the lights where you want to give this fantastic splash of color to your photo.

An option is risky but fun to work with the effect of neon lights , which gives you the opportunity to customize it to your preference.

Add some sparkle

This point is optional, if you want to add a little sparkle to your photo, you can create a new layer and use the Brush tool.

Select the type of brush that is more like the flashes you want to add, go placing the reflections in the photo and then change the color to white and give transparency .

Now you only change the blending mode to “ Override “, see deleting the “ Drafts ” tool points of the flash that have been on the faces or photo focal points.

Some recommendations

Regardless of the number, we recommend use different layers for each color, so you can change any detail without the risk of damaging some other object.

Always remember create a second layer of the initial photo before giving the changes, and avoid damage or generate any changes that pleases you then do not.

 man holding light bulb

Play with transparency , giving you more or less color to the image as you wish, so you can focus on certain points or change a color within the picture. If you want to work with transparencies you must also know the different types the editor offer.

Go playing with the details, so you can find different things to do and achieve a finished more professional for your photo, Corel Photo Paint gives you many tools, you just have to get them a use.

Finally, we hope this tutorial will be of great help and allows you to place a effect of light on any picture without any inconvenience.

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