How To Create The Illusion Of An Inclined Text Realistic Lighting And Shadow Effect | Corel Photo Paint

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The editing tools open a giant world of visual possibilities, allowing you to create a million things that can go through your mind, it’s how make the illusion of an inclined text realistic .

tools lighting and shadow Corel Photo Paint be the main instruments should be used to achieve this great effect.

In Corel Photo Paint can edit photos, images and text up, the program has many effects you can add to the text you want; If you want to try you should check the Glitch effects text, painting effect moisture or effect bending or folding text

How to achieve the illusion of a slanted text with Corel Photo Paint realistic?

To achieve this effect must know that will handle three layers work , in each part of the achieved it effect so that it can be seen properly.

Create text

In this, you must work with the image that you will use to add color or texture to the text , places this texture in the place where you will place the text will be inclined.

Now I write the text in a layer Place it on the texture, you must position the cursor over the text layer and right click, select “ Create Mask from object “. Position yourself on the texture layer and right-click, select button “ Trim by mask “.

Now, hidden text layer and you have your new text with the texture you selected, you must now apply a bevel effect, you will find in the “ Effects & gt; Effects 3D & gt; Bevel effect


Edit the bevel, we recommend the values ​​” Bevel 10 “, “ Width and Height 50 ” in the “ Light ” tab carries the values ​​of “ Environment ” and “ Brightness ” 100.

Now, access lighting effects through “ Effects & gt; Camera & gt; lighting Effects ” and applies a preset, we recommend “Texturing light (upper left)”.

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Edit the source of light and opacity to better view the text and removes the mask that had created, now proceeds to the fund.


Create a layer with the image that you will use background and copy, layer place it back over the text and the “ Shadow ” apply “ Transparency Object “and set it to be from the center out.

Find the bottom of the text look subtly mixed with background , so it look like this as buried.

Generates tilt effect

Ubícate in the layer text and creates a shadow from the bottom up, generating perspective tilt. Preferably a dark color such as black, so that the effect is perceived better.

Sets the molten edge to “ Gaussian Blur ” to help give the lighting effect and increases the melt can put between 40 and 50.

Now changes the slope at 90 ° and lowers the height of the shade so that simulates the inclination you want to give the text.


This effect is perhaps a little difficult to generate, therefore we invite you to practice several times and with different backgrounds and text types.

So, you get to improve your performance in this building, facilitating its use in your projects, You can create the incline you want and learn new ways to display the text.

Also we recommend using the “ Ctrl ” key to move or magnify objects and avoid any other measure is amended.

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If you want to recreate this effect, you can use other tools and create your own ways to do it, or add more steps to give more realism.

We recommend that you try to evolve the creation, starts with something easy and see increasing detail , and achieved it become a great editor.

Finally we wish you create the illusion of an inclined realistic text with Corel Photo Paint. This tool that every day is best positioned among semi professional editing programs.

If you want something more innovative with your texts, you know you can also create animated GIFs glitter text movement.

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