How To Create A Mosaic Of Photographs With A Single Image With Corel Photo Paint

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The editor of images and photographs Corel Photo Paint is a program corresponding to a section of applications developed for creating images and designs. These include Corel Draw, Corel Draw, Corel R.A.VE, and Corel Photo Paint. Given that the latter is directed towards more experienced artists.

Corel Photo Paint arises from the need by users of a program more dynamic and easy use , which also contains all the tools for creating images at another level.

The latest edition by Corel program allows imaging with different effects from a simple photo or image. The user can add or remove objects, crop objects using mask tool , rotate the image, add filters, defocus the background , tap it more crisp, add contour objects, provide warmth, shadows, brightness, change the colors of the image and endless lighting effects which can obtain a work of digital art.

How to create a mosaic of pictures with a single image with Corel Photo Paint?

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Among the tools of Corel Photo Paint can find a practice known as Mosaic . Thereof, it is generally composition of an image through the addition of various objects or materials.

The editing program allows you to create a mosaic of images. Basically the user select the number of images you want to incorporate into the box and is adding a way to create figures or simply place them strategically.

This method is known as PhotoCocktail , and is done through the creation of a mosaic from bitmap . The end result is a harmonious picture with a twist. The process for making a mosaic of images is not resort one time learn to use the tools of Corel Photo Paint.

Steps to create a mosaic of pictures with a single image with Corel Photo Paint

The first step is select the number of tiles or photos and measures will possess them. You should be increasing or decreasing the size of photos depending on how much you want to incorporate that you fit into the mosaic.

When using a single image can create a mosaic with a single bitmap or a range of mosaic bitmap if more than one. After having this in mind, the procedure is as follows:

  • Click on the bar tools and select the PhotoCocktail . Option
  • Clicking this option will find a menu where you should select «Browse» and followed brand in subdivision «Library» .
  • Once you have completed this step, select the images to use and click Create a folder .
  • The program is responsible for incorporating images and whether they fit or not according to the provided measures. Otherwise you will decrease the size.
  • Select the setting you want (vertical orientation, Horizontal, distance and organization).
  • You can add effects of blurring, black and gray or arrange the colors according to your taste.
  • Finally, click OK .

Applying effects to create mosaics in Corel Photo Paint

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  • density grid : Select the orientation, either in columns or rows.
    • column select the number of columns on the tiles . The higher the number details will be integrated into the picture.
    • rows apply the number of rows arranged for the picture . This value is proportional to the preselection of the columns.
  • Blend : the mix option lets you choose what proportion will be mixed colors referenced of the mosaic in general along with the colors of photographs or images to integrate <./li>
  • Duplicate : enables the integration of the same or the same images at the box Mosaic
  • .

  • Exit : Adjust the quality of the final image and the composition.
  • Borders : This option can be applied as desired by the user to add more definition to the edges of the mosaic
  • .

There are many other options for customize the box Mosaic including filters, apply blurring, highlight some images with horizontal and vertical shadows and an infinite number of possibilities that allows the end result is a single image and staff.

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