How To Make And Set The Bevel Effect On Objects Using Corel Photo Paint

The optical illusion of third dimension since he arrived has been established in the world and has established its position among the types of issues available between programs. For Corel Photo Paint, it is available through the Bevel effect on objects.

This effect can not be applied to the bitmap that make up an image that is opened or used within the program.

On the other hand, is a tool that can be applied to objects or texts second dimension which an image or created from scratch within Corel Photo Paint .

Actually the use and application of this example is quite simple. Here you will find the step by step method to realize it in any of your creations.

What the bevel effect Corel Photo Paint is?

Also considered as a kind of relief. The bevel effect on objects handles add to the edges of these a series of shadows and roundings to acquire a appearance of third dimension or 3D .

A whatever is applied this style editing will have angled edges to give them the necessary depth. Mainly they are created with a solid color background but can acquire textures or images to improve display .

Note that depends on how editing is performed to establish the parameters will be used to define the degree of quality of the result.

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If this is your first time trying to do not worry, because the program will help guide you through default configurations to guide you.

method for applying the bevel effect on objects in Corel Photo Paint

The effect of third dimension or bezel. Creates the illusion of being in a figure or raised surface, thanks to the use of sloping edges within the area that is occupied by the object or text in question.

An advantage of Corel Photo Paint is that lets you use styles preset r the program or create a style. So you can use it every time you make this type of editing.

Among the preset effects can find posterize, invert colors threshold, deinterlace and the transparency effect and edge these are some of the most basic you can find. Objects do not usually occupy all the space of a layer.

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It is necessary to make a selection so that the effect may not apply to the whole picture or in this case prevent the program throws an error window.

So that begin selecting the object, text or area to which you will realize editing. Through the “ Selection Tool ” on the left side of the screen to appear on a separate layer.

When is integrated into the “ Object Manager “. Right click of the mouse on the layer of the selected object and select “ Create Mask from object “.

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Automatically entire area of ​​the object will be selected and you can enter the tab “ Effects ” to place the cursor on “ Effects 3D ” and press on “ Bevel Effect “.

Here a window that lets you make any changes to the parameters discussed above, including preset styles will be displayed.

A few step and go!

Whether you see the preview by pressing the small buttons or having selected the “ Preview “. You can modify the range editing using the sliders or by including a numerical value in the box.

Options to insert the Bevel effect on objects are two tabs, where the first is called “ Bevel “.

It can set the depth of the effect, thus establishing a “ Width ” a “ Height ” and “ Smooth ” to round the edges.

The second tab is called “ Light “, which is responsible for implementing the “ Brightness ” and “ Environment ” in the edition; It also establishes the “ Address “, “ angle “, “ Color ” and “ Texture ” of the Bevel effect to improve their perception.

Once completed editing. Push the button of “ OK ” and remove the selection of the object to see the result of the change you’ve designed.

A master once the bevel effect, dare to give another use besides the three-dimensional effect. Many designers also use it to metallic effect to your images.

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Corel Photo Paint allows you to work your ideas quickly and simple, providing multiple href=””> all for you to explore how far can your imagination.

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