Adding Strokes To A Path And Import And Export With Corel Photo Paint

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Learn to use an image editing program it is vital for a Designer or graphic editor. Whether you’re editing for web page for a customer or to make funny pictures to your friends, being able to have mastery over an editing program is extremely important.

This is what separates people who have a Product lackluster end of those who have great professional touch in this work. That’s why you have to know how to use every little tool you can have in a program of Edit .

Corel PhotoPaint is an excellent example of this. It is a fairly simple program to use, and also your user interface is fairly intuitive. This same comfort has earned him a loyal fan base and users who preferred to use Adobe Photoshop .

But, like any other editing program, it has its own ways of doing things and working your thanks to its templates, as well as create your own brushes so you can save them and use them anytime . Has its tricks and different ways to use tools it has. Therefore, we invite you to see the next tutorial we’ve done for you about adding brush strokes to paths. This will increase your knowledge in the program and can have a professional touch.

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Adding a brush stroke to a path

drive is a series of segmented lines that are connected by nodes. They are quite useful when it comes to putting things in a certain range. You can do all kinds of things with a journey, and they are very easy to create because you can do it freehand or even through a mask.

And, one of the best aspects is the use of a path is to make brushstrokes along it. We can make a path and use it as a Guide for our brushstrokes. And though we can do freehand, you can always use a tool to release the brushstroke to continuously along the path evenly.

So, if you want to perform this same process to be well-made forms on a path with some color, you can do the following.

  1. First, you need to create a path through the tool paths that are on the menu of forms of the toolbar.
  2. Once you have your path done, with the way you want, you have to choose the tool you want to go along the way. Anyone can use the toolbar from the disseminator tool images or brush you want.
  3. Select the tool you want to use for the journey, and edit it in size, sequence, color, opacity, or any details that you consider relevant.
  4. Now, when you have in hand the tool you want in the way, right-click the drive and then click the “Brushstroke along the route “. You just do it, come out the way you wanted to stroke along this uniformly.
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    How to import or export a path?

    Once you’ve done what you want with particular path you created , you can make it clear and be lost forever. But if you want to save this for other projects because it is useful or because you took a lot of doing, or can do the following:

    • To export, you can locate yourself on the right side of the screen where is the menu paths. This menu you can edit these settings menus to display the paths.
    • Once you’re here, click the small black arrow on the top of the menu and click way to export to save the trip in a folder .
    • Now, to import, you have to perform the same procedure, only need to click on the option route to import so that it can open in your document Corel PhotoPaint.

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