Making A Frame With A Picture Shade Using Corel Photo Paint

Photo of woman with shadows

Are you excited about the idea of ​​learning to make a frame a photograph using web programs ?. Then learn today easy and fast, how to make a frame with a photograph shadow using Corel Photo Paint.

How can you make a shade frame with a picture using Corel Photo Paint?

Applies the best frames that decorate your photos , and enhance its beauty; will be the perfect complement to remember a special moment in your life or your family. Do not worry about the procedure, it will be very few steps, we will give you all the tools to make a frame with a picture shadow.

How to create the framework?

If you want to create a framework, we must assume and manage a basic level. Where know how to change the resolution, sheet size, rotate or duplicate an image in Photo Paint ; or how to use options to align and distribute objects in Photo Paint .

also working with layers in a document Corel Photo Paint. Besides knowing a little about how to create paths and how editing in Corel Photo Paint? . Since the layers and paths are the basis for creating frames.

 image capture screen pinguinos

  • Import photography. Create a layer in the object manager , and you will have to apply a background color. If you like you can use the crop tool, selection and other settings before applying the trip.
  • Choose the path tool property bar, press on the bézier , then click with the cursor of the mouse on each vertex of photography in the meantime keep Shift down to generate a rectangular path. Now create a new layer. Then press the brush tool, then go to customize object, and select a type appropriate brush tip.
  • Choose a color for the filled journey. Ubícate now on a point of the route and right-click, press on the stroke on the path option, so you get a frame.

How to decorate the frame?

  • with the path applied to your photo, create a new layer. Click on the Brush tool. then click customize object , select a type and brush tip to perform decorated in a area of ​​the passage or photography.
  • Go to the docker and tap the + icon. From the dropdown menu, click the option brush settings. Order settings you want. Transparency, rotate, smooth, stroke attributes, attributes brushstrokes, brush strokes, color variation and pen settings

 screen capture man back

  • Click the area where you want to apply the set. If you want to make a new look again decorated administrator object and creates another layer. Apply all settings.
  • To change the color, go to the object manager and there select the different layers to which you’ll apply the color. Then click on the option selected combine objects at the bottom, select the layer.
  • Click the brush , and its sub-menu, choose Replace Color. Choose color and proceeds to paint the area of ​​the set to which you will change the color.

How to create the shadow of a frame?

  • On the layer of the object to which you applied the frame, select the shadow tool. Now go to the top bar and click on frame with shade, choose a shadow type, within the options find preset shadows.
  • Add it to the object giving a click, now you can change the angle and the direction of the shadow , just press the left mouse button and drag to the desired site. In this shadow you can also apply Color Settings , cast, or decentered transparency, blend mode or add text.
  • To save the shade, go to the shadow frame button, then the + button located at the side of the preset shadows. A dialog box will ask you before saving a name, and click OK.

We recommend plan designs of your frames, according to the type of photography; This will prevent mishaps making the selection and configuration. Because how could you notice, there is a diversity of options and configurations.

Make a frame with a picture shade using Corel Photo Paint, on he will become one of your hobbies older; please create a frame style that evokes the most beautiful memory. If you have been to your liking this post share it with your contacts and leave your comment.

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