How To Make Transparent To An Image With The Paintbrush Tool In Corel Photo Paint

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With the incredible tools that owns the application of Corel Photo Paint , you can make the best < strong> editions your photographic images. This without having to be an expert, because it offers you a very simple interface to use.

But it also has tutorials offer you here and then we will explain how to make transparent image with the brush tool in Corel Photo Paint.

 brushstrokes photo

The program gives you different ways to apply effect images and transparency, but not only images but also to the texts. They are as varied options offered for this purpose, but this time you talk about a very simple way to do it. And it is through the use of the brush tool application that brings Corel Photo Paint.

Make or put effects in this program proves to be a function who value greatly but also users can customize to your liking. So we can in a few steps effects put on texts and custom background with Corel Photo Paint.

How to make transparent to an image with the paintbrush tool in Corel Photo Paint

In order for us transparent make an image . We must first know that this tool has different options you can configure. It also offers a variety of brush tips which can change the diameter depending on the use you give Let’s go.

We can also change or set opacity of the brush strokes and will make changes Tarry transparency on a clipping mask .

This is to avoid editing a picture object or a permanent form. Although in this example apply it to an image, it works perfectly if we apply it to a text or any other file we have in our library.

transparency brush tool can find under the eraser tool. In the same group where the tool is shaded and transparency object to the find end Brush object transparency. When selected it appears in the top bar of the properties of the tool.

Using different options Brush tool Corel Photo Paint

It seems a lot to the properties of the tool Pince l or eraser and thus share many configuration options. In the first three we can configure the tip of the brush. Which you can choose from a wide variety and shapes, here you can find those that we have created.

Also we can here specify the diameter of the brush and its opacity is, how transparent will be the brushstroke. If the value that we place is very low, the greater the transparency of the brush, then find another very important option. This is melted with him suavizaremos the edges of the brush, the higher the value is greater softness of the edges.

We also find the button Smoothed with him avoid jagged edges, the Apply a clipping mask & nbsp.; A being active this button the changes made to the transparency of the object, only applies to the clipping mask that will appear to the side of the layer of the object. And finally the pressure of the pen button, that in cases of using a stylus.

Now to use an example, suppose we have two images and we want the sky of a displayed image in the sky each other.

To do this the merge and select the first image or object and choose the brush pen with a large diameter. And we put opacity 0, 0 cast and pressed the button clipping mask.

 create corel draw image

Now press the left mouse button and drag across the sky image and we can go changing the tip of the brush for greater detail. We can also add more melted and ready to conclude this way with this interesting tutorial. You explain how to make transparent image with the brush tool in Corel Photo Paint


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