How Can We Imitate The Effect Of A Heat Recorded On A Fabric Using Corel Photo Paint

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The effects are things you must learn to bring new ideas with your images, therefore it is recommended that you follow this tutorial so you can learn to do recorded heat in cloth alone with your Corel Photo Paint.

Corel Photo Paint is a program for editing and creating images, its multiple tools and function makes it easy to use for designers.

This editor has an extensive library that you can use to give a professional and original touch to your creations, including the effects you can find are the halftone effect or Glitch effect , both of you can add to any photo.

This effect can be used for creating logos or design objects and can thus simulate how an engraving would in any fabric .

What should you do to achieve the effect of heat recorded on a fabric?

Corel Photo Paint you can do many things, therefore, this tool has become a great help for quick editors .

The first thing to know is that the ideal is to work in two layers, one for the background and another to create the effect of etching. This will allow you to make it look better.


First need to create two layers , in the deepest layer, must choose a pattern bitmap. This can select it using the “ Fill interactive “.


Once you have selected the ideal is that you edit its size. We recommend make it as small as possible for the pattern simulates fabric strands.

Now you must continue with the outer layer, this must choose a solid color that can be generated directly by the program (generally white) or choose one of the suggested palette.

To end the background, you just have to change the melting effect “ Color ” in this way will generate the effect of fabric .

 tablet design on desktop


Now on the background that you created, you must generate the text, select the format type font, color and size of this.

Place it on the bottom and creates a mask from the text, you can do easily, click right on the text layer and select the “ Create Mask from object “.

Now use the “ Brush ” tool to give an effect to the mask edge, select the color and thickness is, then the hidden layer.

Stay with the mask, this will create a good part of the effect, you must create two shadows, one above and one below the text, using contrasting colors like black and white.

For this, perched on the mask using the tool “ Shadow “, change the “ angle ” and “ Offset ” of the shadow to make it look a little above, remember use for this dark color .

Then right-click on the shadow layer and selected from the “ Shadow “, the “ Split ” that sent the shade to another layer deep.

On the layer new again created a shadow, in this case a lighter color, modify the “ angle ” and “ Offset ” to make it look a slightly below.

Once done, repeat the process of dividing the shade, there is only delete the layer mask because no longer need.

 laptop and tablet design black

Merges the

Now that you have the shadows and background, you only have to make visible the layer text and uses a blend mode of your choice and help give the effect, we recommend using the “ Obscure “.

That done, you should see the effect , you just have add details you prefer around the text to give more detail.


Use backgrounds that simulate fabric , ie, download or you can create them yourself, but remember to be seen as the fabric weave.

Test the effect several times with different backgrounds and text , well, you will achieve more easily handle this spectacular effect of heat recorded on a fabric using Corel Photo Paint.

Let your imagination fly using this amazing editor and do not hesitate to take it to the limit, take risks to try new things and daring as change the color of your image either a simple black and white or any other color, with Corel Photo Paint fun creating unique images.

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