How To Put The Lights And Neon Effect In Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint

 moodlights tool

No doubt, the limit that may have the different program editing appears to be your imagination. Especially if we talk about the new application Corel Photo Paint that allows the incorporation of multiple effects.

This article will teach you a new one to learn how to put the lights and neon effect Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint.

 neon effect

But not only can create effects with this program, you can also print an image or file a very simple and fast.

The neon effect is very little known and therefore used, but thanks to this application is becoming viral. That’s why we’ll show you how to do and put the effect neon Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint.

How to put the lights and neon effect in Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint

To do put the lights and neon effect in Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint , we use different tools. Among her the drive away, for the curved movement of the lights, the brush tool, the tool mask , and finally filling to create interactive light neon.

To make the effect look much better, we must ensure that our image has a dark or black background preference. & nbsp To begin climb; our image in the program, this will have a giraffe, which surrounds in a circular from the neck a lamp neon. and ends with the name Fufys

If we create this circular path around the neck, we are positioned on the tool forms. Press the left mouse button and select the Path Now create a new layer. And create a freehand path smoothed at 100. Now go to the image I hold down the left mouse button and proceed to draw the path.

Now I turn to the property bar and choose the option of accommodating our ways and we circular path around the neck of the giraffe. Once ready, we will choose the brush tool and choose the highlighter brush having a diameter of 10, melt 32 and 0 opacity, then we choose the white color.

Using different tool to apply the lighting effect Neon

Now we position ourselves on the path, right click and select the option Pincelada along the way. Now we hide the way and so ended the first part of this effect, we now create a new layer and create a mask object of this object.

Then select the Macara rectangle and added cast. We OK, now select the layer is empty and select the Interactive fill tool.

Here we will place the stuffing that we like, it can be a solid color or gradient fill or uniform. When we finish we click Apply now remove the mask and select the two layers.

We clip in the Combine selected object , finished this, we must make the spiral look like turning around the neck of the giraffe.

To do this approach the image and select the Eraser tool; we choose a circular tip 25 diameter and molten and started to clear. We clear so that the image is in electrical, ASEA be apparent that within the spiral. We can get closer for maximum detail and you stay perfectly.

When it is finished, we will write the text, choose the font, style, size and type Fufys. Now we are positioned on the text layer, right click and choose the Create mask from object. And we apply the same operation we do with the layout, so that we have the same effect neon in the name of the giraffe and then we can imprimir image if our desire.

 neon effect corel paint

Thus ended a tutorial again showed you another interesting effect that can be done with this versatile application. And in a few minutes with simple steps, you could learn how to put the lights and neon effect in Corel Photo Paint Corel Photo Paint.

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