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Want remove the background to an image , is usually one of the first actions you want to do with the editor Corel Photo-Paint . Action can be achieved through what is known as a laboratory of crop or extract that the program includes default <./p>

The lab cut is not the only way to trim an image that Corel Photo Paint offers also accounts with the cutting tool masks, if you want a more advanced procedure can use the clipping effect using text .

What’s lab cut serves?

In this case, the laboratory allows or serves to trim or remove areas of the image, more specifically from the surrounding background.

With this feature it will be possible isolate segments of the image , while retaining important details such as hair, edges and blurry edges.

The latter, in other programs or different tools , are difficult and tedious to maintain. Since they usually leave mixed with the background to withdraw. another similar tool is that you can cut and assemble a picture; if the do not want to crop the image contrast also have the option of edit layers.

Accessing lab work

As always, begin to run the program and open the image you want to work in this case to remove the background.

Then, and to access the Laboratory, must be selected from the upper belt tab “ Image ” and then on the first line “ Laboratory of Crop/remove “.

In this way, a window will open with a preview from which we will work on the right side are the options and relevant tools. At the top will be those of “ Zoom “.

How to remove a background image lab cut in Corel Photo-Paint?

Now, to begin, you will need to outline around the edge element or part of the image you want to keep.

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The tool for this is the “Highlight” which is the first option. This action should not necessarily be so accurate.

In fact, it should retain some of the background. Then you opt for the tool “ interior fill ” and click on the middle of the selection made before. Thus two clear colors, one for edges and a different filling.


For a glimpse of the work, you press the “ Preview ” mode in which it can see the imperfections of the selection.

These are corrected tools “ Add details ” or “ Remove details “, as applicable. Making the necessary arrangements, using the “ Zoom ” if necessary.

In the end this process, you will have to specify how you want to get the result of the cut, the options are “ Trim/Remove “, which will remove the entire bottom of the image.

Crop and original image “, in which a new layer is generated with image cropping. And “ Trim as a mask cutting “, which adds a clipping mask.

After choosing the mode, you press the “ OK “. Thus, it will have been achieved thoroughly remove an image from the Laboratory of Crop very easily.

Setting the preview in the laboratory

When you are performing editing of the image from the Laboratory of Crop, you can adjust the way you will see the preview.

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What is this? Well, to make it easier and more convenient to perform the process cut from the screen above.

Then, on the right side panel, there will be a section called “ Settings preview “, and under these three options markable boxes.

These are “ Show protrusions “, “ Show Fill ” and “ Show original image ” should mark the items they want preserved.

Then, if you can give in “ Preview “, and according to the preferences selected, the corresponding elements that will facilitate the work will be.

On the other hand, in the same section of tools, but above, you can resize the nib selection.

To so they can perform the task into smaller or difficult with a smaller dimension thereof, or conversely a larger size areas.

The best way to get optimal results and professionals, is practicing with the use of this laboratory, which greatly simplifies and cuts.

Corel Photo-Paint is one of the simplest and friendly editors to use, has many tools, features and effects for everyone.

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