How To Adapt A Text To A Path Using Corel Photo Paint -Step By Step

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When it comes to edit an image, usually come to mind all kinds of editing programs can use. All these come with different tools that can be used to edit or change an image.

But they all work very differently, which has created favoritism among users of these programs. For example, many tend to lean using Photoshop or GIMP . But there are others who have extensive favoritism to use Corel PhotoPaint.

This program, which is part of the package editing program Corel , is one fairly complete. Although it may be a little easier in early stages, actually it has all sorts of tools to help you edit an image successfully and with a delicate touch professional such como they are templates and 3D text effect for your design is totally professional.

It’s a very comprehensive tool to edit images, so it’s not surprising that want to take advantage of it. This is usually very easy because of its interface and intuitive user.

However, like any type of editing program , this program comes with its own ways of doing things. For this, you might call attention to how to adapt a text to a path. See below how you can do it.

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How is adapting a text to a path and what can I use it?

One way as such, is a series of lines with anchor points. These routes can be used for different purposes, but they are an essential tool in making Illustrations and good editions. In this case, it is possible to adapt text to a path.

Basically, if you have a path in the shape of a circle, for example, can make the text follow the line of the path so you can go in a circle. It is a trick quite useful when you want to perform certain issues and can use it for highly artistic purposes.

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Adapting a text to a path

As such, there are two ways to adapt a text to a path. The first is to have a ready-made path through the drawing tool path.

You can do it through the or Bezier raised hand. A list once, you can give click the tool of writing texts, and when you pass the cursor over the online can ride to see how a course line appears under the cursor to point out that you can write there. So click and type text and you will see how to follow the course line.

The other way you have to adapt a text to a path is to write the text on the blank sheet Corel PhotoPaint normally. Once you have written the text must insert a line drive in the same document.

Now, with the selection tool you have to click on the text block you have done. And then you have to go to the option that is on the top bar that says “Object” , within this then go to “Text” and the same make click “Fit text to the path” . Once it’s ready you click on the course to which want to adapt it and see how it gets in the way.

Keep in mind, you can always edit text to the path as see fit through the options you have on the top bar and right. You can change the Color , the size of the text, as well as convert text into a separate object and to separate it from the path.

There are many things you can do with the text regarding the position relative to the path , so let your creativity come out with this.

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