Using Options To Align And Distribute Objects In Corel Photo Paint

Corel Photo Paint brings a number of options that can help create cool projects with just a few clicks and a little practice, the options for aligning and distributing objects appear as one of the most useful.

These options allow spatially rearrange items with which you are working. This way you can give them a better visualization within the project .

Before starting your job is also important that you know other tools that Corel Photo Paint offers as change the resolution, sheet size, rotate and duplicate an image also help you in developing your project.

How to align and distribute objects?

First you must check whether your dockable window “ Align and distribute ” is available, it is generally located by default on the right side of the screen.

If you do not this, you must enter the top panel to the tab “ Object & gt; Organize ” < strong> & gt; “ Align and distribute ” thereby activated and you’ve only remains to understand how to use


The first thing to do is display the window. You just need to click and make ready, now you can observe the options, these appear opaque if you have not selected any object.

Directly see both options, therefore the procedure to this point is the same, things change defining the operation of each.

Align Objects

If you want a line item can do it in different ways, the first thing is to decide that you will line-item.

You can select between “ Align objects Show “. You can also align with the edge or center of the project and in case of using grid align with this.

This alignment you can do it from the top, bottom or center objects and will decide whether to align horizontally or vertically .

 photopaint computer with corel

The alignment generally requires at least three objects, this is due to the need for comparison required editor.

Distribute Objects

This option helps the objects, basically scatter the project uniformly, also centralize or decentralize according to your requirements can.

You can then evenly distribute the space that between the elements you select, which gives you the option of having the ideal spacing. On the contrary if you have problems with the size of the images can also crop and ensamblaras .

You can determine the space between objects will be changing the horizontal or vertical spacing, so you can render them just at the point where you need them.


You can use these tools to create patterns. For example, if you are creating a project wallpaper, or background for a picture or text, this help you to make the figures look uniform or design you use in the background.

You can use both to achieve a better result. In addition, it is necessary to try both, because, to the aligning and distributing objects, they are in a more professional way.

Always use new tools and discover new concepts to create, seen wearing your imagination to the limit and always add something new to your knowledge about the software.

Remember that the positioning within the publishing world always comes from innovation and new trends are created.

Some advantages

These tools facilitate multiple add items, because, add can untidy and then give them an order helping the same time distribution within the space of the project.

 corel icon

In addition, they bring the possibility of being used as a kind of digital rule, with which, all elements stay with the same distribution. This without the need to use other tools to give them only their final position.

Also, the idea of ​​maintaining order within the design will always be tempting for any editor. It is common knowledge that these editors can be quite complicated, therefore freewill mobilize objects can sometimes turn into a major disaster.

It is therefore beneficial to have these tools that we have explained fully. Both will be your best friends at the time of shaping ideas around your head .

Corel Paint gives you a wide range of tools to facilitate the time to do a job, can range from something as simple as effects tools to add a watermark to your photos or images to protect them from fraud, Tuu just have to let your imagination fly.

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