How To Use And Configure Fill Tools In Corel Photo Paint -Very Easy

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Corel Photo Paint is an editing program developed by the company Corel digital programs. It was launched to the market more than a decade, however improvements in each of its updates have made this program the most used by professional artists .

And even for users who do not have much knowledge in the field of digital arts can enter this and perfecting their skills.

Some of the options that can be applied in editing images in Corel Photo Paint is the preparation and GIFS modification or creation of objects and shadows , create photo mosaics with a single image or multiple , grouping images by way of collage, add contour to objects, applying various effects, change colors image, apply filters and also fill tools.

How to use and configure fill tools in Corel Photo Paint?

Applying pattern fills is the incorporating bitmaps into an image as a filler in a person or object. This tool can be used either in a small area of ​​the image which uses only a bitmap or if feasible can be incorporated various tables and create a mosaic.

By the following process can easily incorporate this effect:

  • Enter application in Corel Photo Paint and select in the tray or photograph image you want to edit.
  • Click the toolbox, and choose the “filler” .

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  • If you want to add padding to a particular image must first select the application site.
  • A Typing on the option find a subdivision of filling forms. Select “Bitmap Fill” .
  • Click on the “Edit fill” of the property bar.
  • Enter in the Properties box this option and use “Fill Bitmap” and click the fill picker bitmap and select a Fill .
  • You must then specify attributes you want.

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  • Click OK and select the date of issue the final point of application.

The task of incorporating the bitmaps as filling can be a bit complex, a way to add this application is simply doing for a while. Once you understand the steps a realization will become an easy task.

Tips on using the tools of Corel Photo Paint filling.

Corel Photo Paint has a wide variety of fill effects bitmap. However it is advisable not to apply complex bitmap , since they require constant memorization, besides being a little slow addition process.

Some key points in the filling images include take into account the size of the image , type resolution and bit depth that can be used.

A simple way to implement faster bitmaps is to use Keywords . Each map type has a distinctive name, so that the entry in the selection tray you can click on search, place name or keyword and thus give a faster with the one.

You can also bookmark the type of bitmap that is more suited to the type of images or photographs edit and even delete those you do not like.

Corel Photo Paint also allows create your own bitmap files from imported , then you can save them and share them with others artists. Patterns bitmaps are quite versatile and can be arranged vertically, horizontally or partially inclined shape.

The editing tools Corel have a wide variety of applicable effects fill section , all from bitmaps that can be personally designed or selected one by one on the tray.

Finally, we hope this article has helped them help. However, we like to know your opinion, you have been able to use and configure tools in Corel Photo Paint filling? Leave your answer in the comments.

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