What Is The Best Counter Strike? – All Games Counter Strike

Minh Lee, creator of the game, never imagined a couple of years ago, when I was coming up and programming that countless people would be discussing and asking opinions about what the best Counter Strike for them.

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What is the Best Counter Strike? -All Games Counter Strike

So successful is because the union had with Jeff Cliffe for design a mod that could be used in Half-Life , so we can give another dynamic and perspective to the game.

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It all started when both were in his college days, when Lee was testing engines other platforms to start the project A shooter who worked with software identification .

Through this alliance, managed to take advantage of Golden Source engine, which was used by Valve to develop Half-Life. Once obtained the source code, Lee tried to take care of the models and characteristic three-dimensional perspective of the game while Jeff was trying to deal with the network connection and feedback.

Thanks to the interest both (mostly Minh) felt by armed conflict and the use of the base of Half-Life, emerged Counter Strike like a totally different experience for players.

Based on the views of the community, what is the best Counter Strike?

Inside Internet have been conducted many surveys as the best version is concerned, since through each update, Lee, Cliffe and Valve tried improve the gameplay and experience of judadores .

 What is the best Counter Strike based on opinions

Each of these surveys addresses different aspects they could do qualify for one of the updates as the best Counter Strike so far.

These were based on the quality graphics , offered weapons, gameplay, available strategies, style maps, connection service, among others.

Results of polls

Once collected the data achieved, reached an agreement quite impressive, as the community of Steam and foreign players to this platform plasmaron the following:

With respect to the versions of Source and Global Offensive they are considered the best updates that have been released for the game until today. The ratings were very similar in terms of the aforementioned aspects are concerned.

In third place the classic version, also given as the best Counter Strike that may have existed is located. and thanks to him more than one person was hooked by the game.

Finally is CS: Condition Zero, with a number of ratings less than 10% of the public. Clearly we all know what fame is due low. It is recognized as one of the most problematic versions released to the gaming market.

The success of Counter Strike and its different versions

Since we know the opinion of the community respect of which they consider the best Counter Strike, based on your updates. You may also be interested how can Cliffe Lee and became a university of simple creators one of the most important games of the century .

Since 1999, the two began testing betas offer what would be CS for the community of players shooters. All through a website that Cliffe had created.

 Counter Strike and its different versions

As was increasing the number of downloads, the game began to be promoted and to get a high number of entries and suggestions .

Thanks to this was increasing the level of popularity. So much so that Valve decided manifestarles the desire to acquire the mod and make them part of your team.

Such was the degree of fascination decided to offer them an offer that neither could refuse. Counter Strike making officially formed part of the properties of Valve.

Since then Counter Strike has become an experience that is part of Steam. A platform game created by the same company Valve for online services.

As a result of this union of two very enthusiastic programmers, the day can now enjoy a cooperative system to destroy enemies and have fun while you meet the process.

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