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Counter is one of the largest video game sagas in the world. Since years as it is one of the kings of the first person shooter. Therefore, it was not unusual to take out a portable version of this game at some point. Why today learn how to play the Counter Strike portable online.

And there is nothing better than to re visit old titles, but from our cell. Since a game that was good at the time will always be good in the minds of all those players who have gone through it at some point in their lives.

How to Play Counter Strike Portable Online -Counter-Strike Online

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Play Counter Strike portable online

The first thing to know is that This game is not an official version of the Counter so it is not supported by the company that created it.

The second is that no longer can play the official version of the game on PC, as this was out of line with their servers in 2017 because it lacked technical staff to keep going.

Currently you can find on some pages games or mini games online, but the game is very difficult to find and servers do not work as they should.

But there is no reason to get discouraged because If there is a phone version , although not official either, you can play online with other people.

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Now, you should take note that this version is not available in the Play Store but you have to download an APK that allows proper operation so if you do not like these files will not be able play.

Play in the version of Android with a APK

be able to play Counter Strike portable online as you had read earlier, you must follow a series of very small steps, which start with descargar the APK .

Is the online can get free, you only need to download and install it on your mobile so you have the game. Once this is done you just have to enter the title will let you play against the computer offline.

And in the same way you can access a menu of online servers giving the «Multiplayer» button when you see a server you like you just have to click and go. Note that you can also play Counter Strike 1.6 original android, and will not need apk, but it is not equal to the portable.

Pros, cons and disadvantages

Now, with the above and can play the Counter Strike portable online , but unfortunately not everything is rosy. This game has a number of pros and cons quite pronounced.

The good things are that it requires very little configuration, the graphics are pretty good, as they closely resemble those of an original Counter Strike, the camera is well placed so is comfortable and controls are very simple and intuitive.

In the case of evil would have to: missing many maps and weapons of the classic game, so it takes away a bit of nostalgia for the title, occasionally there are problems fairly strong LAG that can disrupt a game and The latter is unstable in many phones.

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Even many players have reported directly if you have a mobile of the current range, the game will not run or will not be compatible, but serves only older phones.

Furthermore, although this is a divided opinion, is said to be struggling to find starting by the lack of active players on servers, so playing online is possible, but difficult. Like everything everyone has their opinion, so it’s up to you to discover whether or not you play this title.

For the rest there’s nothing to say, with all previously read you know you need to play Counter Strike portable online, so go and put your knowledge to the test. And if you do not like then look What is the best counter strike games? to find one of your liking or failing search other game there as counter .

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