How To Request An Increase In The Limit On The Credit Card And The Credit Worthiness


Many people we have unexpected expenses such as illness, accidents or home repairs. We might only want to travel or because the time of the year to increase their consumption capacity demands. In these cases, request an increase in the limit credit card is a good alternative. In addition it can improve your creditworthiness.

How to Apply for an increase in card limit Credit and Capacity Credit

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credit worthiness

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This term refers to the feasibility of the person or company to acquire a loan. He said in other words, is one has the ability to respond or return the funding . Banking institutions take this factor into account when analyzing your credit limit. We teach you how to calculate your borrowing capacity.

The formula is: borrowing capacity=(monthly income – fixed costs) x 0.40 . Record monthly income and fixed expenses per month, this includes rent, food, transportation, etc. Including variable expenses such as entertainment, vacation, etc. A subtracting both groups, the figure is the amount you throw may stipulate debt.

Improve credit rating

  1. Pay on time credit card and other bills
  2. Request your credit report and review it from time to time
  3. Preferably do not apply for too many credit cards at once or credit accounts
  4. Try to keep your credit balances low
  5. pays debts so that online transferred to collection.

calculating creditworthiness

How to request an increase in the limit credit card

Typically, financial institutions consider two alternative means for customers at the time of application or request an increase in your limit credit card and you might consider:

  • You can apply online . Managing access your online account associated with the credit card.

  • Locate the section that will help you order the increase in the credit limit. Not all the financial institutions related to credit card offer this service online. If you have, you will see a sign indicating «Increase credit line» , «Increase your credit limit» or «Request your credit increase».

  • Next, you enter the data requested on the page. Should consider is likely to ask you to indicate the amount you are requesting, including the annual income is made possible approval to increase your credit limit.

  • Request by phone . At the back of the credit card, displays the phone number, so that the client can communicate with the service to the customer.

  • Call the number and follow the instructions that tells you the menu, until you can contact a financial executive on your account. There are menus that you directly specify the number to press for the request to increase the credit limit.

  • comentale to the representative intends to obtain a high credit limit. Detállale your planning , indicating the time limit exists and how well you’ve managed debt.

  • correctly answer the questions you posed the executive. Do not forget to mention the grounds for requesting an increase in the limit and facilitates your current annual income.

  • Requests that the financial institution will send written confirmation or approval of the credit line.

telephone service for credit application

Tips to increase your credit limit

  • For 6 months pay your bills on time
  • Reduce the use of credit. Try consumption does not reach the maximum of the limit of the TDC.

  • Choose the credit card you plan to increase the limit
  • Do not overdo the amount requested.

It is noteworthy that, applying for a credit card means no free money. Remember that the amount you’ll have to give you replenish plus interest. So it’s important to seek alternatives to control costs. Before extending credit line is good consider these questions : why do I need it? How much will I pay including interest? What benefits do I have to use TDC, instead of paying cash? We hope you can take advantage of this information. If desired, can leave your opinion.

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