Deleting A Facebook Page Definitely -Step By Step

 delete facebook page definitely

Today we will see How to delete a page from Facebook definitely step . It is a tutorial very simple to carry out and within seconds you’ll know how to delete a Facebook Fan Page.

How to delete a page from Facebook definitely -Step by Step

is quite normal to have a Facebook page in our mind that may not be used by the reason to be. If you want to clear your account and permanently delete any page you have created then it is better keep reading because we bring the solution to this problem.

Facebook has an option to delete any page quickly. All the process can take up to 14 days as the social network gives you that time frame if you repent and want to cancel.

You should be aware that once the page is removed, there is no way to recover and the only way to have it back is to create it from scratch with all that that implies: upload content again, get back likes, etc.

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Deleting a Facebook page forever

Remember to delete a Facebook page definitely need to have the administrator role on that page. Otherwise it is impossible for you to do this kind of action.

  • Log into your Facebook account from one computer after this Enter your Fan Page.
  • Once it what you have to do is go to the top and look for the “ Settings ” section.
  • takes you to a new page. Here you have to go to “ General “.
  • Click on “ Delete page ” and you will see a message that says “ Delete (page name) “.
  • Then click “ Delete page ” again and “ OK ” to confirm.

If you repent to delete your page. You have 14 days to recover. After two weeks it is impossible that you get it. However, if within the prescribed period relents, to retrieve a page must follow these steps:

  • Enter the page on which you started the removal process within 14 days.
  • can view a message at the top of it that says “ Cancel deletion “.
  • After confirming this cancellation’ll have to “ OK ” and ready. You have your Fan Page again and you canceled the deletion process.

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Removing a Fan Page definitively

If you want to delete your page from a mobile device. The process is quite simple and all you have to have is the installed app.

  • From the app go to the page you want to delete.
  • Now you have to press on the gear-shaped icon found in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Among the options available choose “ General .” Displayed
  • After that if you look a little further down you will see “ Delete page ” and press “ Delete (pagename) “.
  • Confirm that you want to delete it and go.

As I discussed a little above takes 14 days to be deleted permanently. During that time span is possible to recover and if you want to do on your phone is pretty simple.

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  • Go back to your page before within 14 days after you confirmed the removal of the same.
  • Now touch the gear icon to go to settings Fan Page.
  • Go to “ General” and slide down.
  • Then tap “ Cancel deletion ” and confirm your selection.

In this way’ll learn quickly Deleting a Facebook page easily, quickly and effectively step . It is a process as simple and above all things easy. Because once the only thing left to do is just wait confirmed.

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