Deleting A Facebook Group Created By Me-Step By Step

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Currently Facebook groups have become a big trend. They are created with different purposes. Mainly, to be more press with people who have common interests and share publications Facebook groups from the phone or PC.

How to Delete a Facebook Group Created by my -Step by Step

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However, when you’re the admin for a group , may realize that sometimes things do not go as you plan. Incuso which can be a bit tedious, especially if you have multiple groups or pages to address.

However, if you still are not familiar with the term Facebook groups, do not know How to view the list of groups that I am on Facebook , you have a group you want to permanently delete here will teach you how. We also give important details of groups on Facebook.

What they are Facebook groups and to serve?

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When we talk about a Facebook group we mean a space within this social network, aimed at users who have common interest . By, they can share any type of information and knowledge, enter others.

Surely you’re wondering Who can create a group on Facebook? Anyone who has an account on this social network, you can create your own group. Where it will be administrator.

Classification of Facebook groups

The same are classified as follows:

  • Theme : It means that users can choose any specific topic, what you want your group of Facebook is involved. It may be, games, travel, jobs, among others.
  • Privacy : Facebook groups, may vary depending on privacy. In this regard, we have three options:
    • Open Your information is public, therefore, do not need to submit an application
    • closed sending a request is due to the group to access and participate in miso
    • Secrets A group that is created by one person and no one else has access to view or publish or share, unless the creator to send you an invitation
    • .

It is important to note that anyone can ask to join a Facebook group, except those who are secretly created.

How to delete a Facebook group created by me?

As explained at the outset, Facebook groups can be created by any user of this social network. Similarly, the administrator (Creator of the group) can remove when you want .

However, it is important to note that Facebook does not have a specific button to delete groups. So to choose this option, leave the group and this so it is removed or disappears.

Steps to remove a Facebook group created by me

  • The first is login in Facebook, which is the group you want to delete
  • As is in the beginning of this platform, you are looking for and click Groups (It is located on the left side area)
  • Here appears a new window with all regarding your groups
  • .

  • It should be located in the section Groups you manage and then Mark the group you want to leave
  • Once there, all the information of the group will appear.
  • The first is to eliminate every one of the people who make up the group, so you have to press the Members
  • After removing all members, remain only his name, part of the members and board administrator
  • Click the options (three points) which are the next to its name in the section administrators and moderators .
  • Click Leave group

 facebook page leaving group

  • Finally, you see a window pop-up, indicating whether to remove and abandon your group.
  • Leave Mark on and remove and thus have removed the Facebook group.

It is important to note that the only requirement to remove a Facebook group, is to be the administrator of the same. Otherwise I can not remove it, you can only leave the group as a member.

If after this, no longer want to delete the group, can disable and stop receiving notifications groups and thus the group will exist, but since you arrived notifications and not bother you.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion You could delete your Facebook group, easily? Do you know another method to remove or leave a group on Facebook? Leave your answers in the comments.

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