Hide Or Remove The Button Posts On Facebook Easily

 Remove button facebook message

Facebook , being a social network as used in the world, we must give ourselves to the task of learning their different functions. Currently it offers a variety of them, which was not possible before use. And one of them is the option to remove the message button to prevent those messages from people who no longer want to write you without you delete them.

That’s why we bring this tutorial will tell the necessary tips so you know Hide or remove the button posts on Facebook easily.

Hide or Remove messages button on Facebook Easily

Really, it’s a very good trick and effective way to eliminate forever the presence of messages in your inbox people with whom you do not want to link more. And it’s great because only going to keep your messages and you’ll have to remove it from your contacts. And so will avoid any future problems with this person.

The following tutorial will give you the precise steps you must perform to Hide or remove the button posts on Facebook easily . Just follow us and learn something more of this platform, every day active new features for comfort and tranquility of its millions of users on this network.

 Hide button

Hide or remove the button posts on Facebook easily

Here we will explain Hide or remove the button posts on Facebook easily. And the first thing you do is go to your Facebook and < a href = "https://tdftips.com/registrarse-acceder-facebook-numero-telefono-celular/"> start session when you’re on your page you’ll lead the blue bar is located your logo and your name you do clip there.

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href=”https://tdftips.com/cambiar-direccion-url-perfil-facebook/”> your profile and appear Biography options, Tour, Friends, Photos, etc. for our particular case we will make the option clip information. And going to mount the cursor on your date of birth. In doing this appear the next option, and Edit your basic contact information.

You do there and you clip a new screen will appear with more options and you go down until you find the option year of birth. In it you will see the option to edit, clip and do you see options to change your year of birth. It is important that only modify the year and that the year of your birth today corresponds to 13 years.

Setting the birth date to remove the message button on Facebook

This means you must place a birth year to make you appear now 13 years old. If at any time you get to repent and want to replace your year of birth must wait at least 7 days . Then you see a message “Please note that you can only change your birth date a limited number of times.”

And also a box asking if you confirm verification are 13 years old and you must select it. And finally we will make clip in the Save changes to your age doing this is confirmed to have 13 years. Before leaving this section must change the privacy settings by clip icon padlock.

In the clip there will appear to three options Publico, my friends, and I just , you must choose the option Only me. Now you must get out of this setting and see that your Facebook account no longer present this option to Send Message. This is due to the restrictions that exist to send messages to anyone under 14 years.

 ignore facebook message

As you can see this trick is very simple to make and is practically effective to avoid annoying that we have full input tray with your messages. And so we ended up with this tutorial that will show Hide or remove the button posts on Facebook easily

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