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Facebook is one of the most important social platforms today, in fact it is very popular for many years. Over time they have added features such as fans, anyway if you want to know how to remove the button from the Follow on Facebook -. Fast and easy, here will teach you how

How to Remove button Option Follow on Facebook -Fast and easy

Fans are an integral part of this huge social network, so when you no longer have room for more friends yet will this thought corner for those who want to see your content but can not add you.

In any case if what you want is disable this option , you must bear in mind that it is also possible to do so. Through the following tutorial will teach briefly and concisely the procedure to follow to disable Facebook follow button.

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What is the follow on Facebook option?

For anyone who is not very aware of the functioning of this popular social network, you should know that besides the friends known, is also the option of followers. Fans usually go unnoticed for novice users, so there are many doubts about them.

followers are only those people who send you friend requests. Default Facebook makes anyone who sends you a friend request becomes your follower . Likewise also your friends automatically become followers of your account, so logically if you have many people in this list, so you should see how many followers you have on Facebook .

When a person follows you will see all those publications do publicly. In any case this may annoy some, who prefer to keep your privacy above all, it is why most people prefer off the .

Fortunately, you can disable tracking unknown so very simple and is precisely why we have prepared this tutorial. If you want to disable Facebook follow quickly and easily read carefully the following guide option.

How To Remove option button Follow on Facebook -Quick and easy

While the usefulness of the followers is undeniable, many people from the common will will draw no benefit to this option-Still, the best thing is always opt for more basic options like hide and avoid being seen your followers on Facebook, for so only you will know how many followers you have.

However, if you consider that this system followers can become an inconvenience for privacy is concerned. That is why you should know how to disable it, to do so follow these simple steps:

  1. The first step is enter your account Facebook
  2. Now you must log in to multiple settings present within the platform. To do this press on the small triangle located above and to the right of the Facebook screen.
  3. In this section you will see Settings must press on this option.
  4. The page will redirect you to the section Settings Facebook, you must locate the Publications Public click here.
  5. The first option that appears on this tab is who can follow me, this is the precisely the point that must change so that people can not follow you.
  6. Default option will be in Public in any way you should change it to Friends. doing this longer you can automatically follow people who send you friend requests.
  7.  Crowd people Facebook

    By the above procedure may disable button Facebook followers. This way only people who are their Friends will be on your list of followers. That will protect your privacy from anyone who is unknown or not you want to have in this list.

    Still, if you repent of the above process, you can also activate the option followers on Facebook guide in which also show you what to do when the button does not appear.

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