How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account From The Cell

 Delete account Facebook

Facebook is still one of the Social networks most important today, it is because the platform has been able to be updated and adapted to changing Internet. In any case you may want to delete your account, so today you will learn how to permanently delete a Facebook account from the phone.

How to Remove definitely a Facebook account from the Cell

Today mobile devices are the most important resources in technology for most users also through smart phones can connect to Facebook WhatsApp and virtually any social network. Although occasionally want to get away a little, in that case eliminate our account is a good idea.

Still, keep in mind that it is an important action, so we suggest to consider methods such as delete Facebook Messenger conversations and the like that do not reach that point.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account from the cell

If you want to remove completely your Facebook account, keep in mind that is not a reversible process. They deleting your account disappear all your conversations, publications and other related content to your actions in this Social Network .

Understanding that this is a process where you lose all the information platform, we recommend taking actions such as download or transfer photos from Facebook , supporting this way is valuable information.

To delete your account definitely follow these steps

  1. The first thing to do is start the official implementation of Facebook from your mobile device. In case you have not logged in, you must enter your data.
  2. Once you are within the application and log into your account presses on the three horizontal lines located in the upper right of the screen. Here you have to press on the Settings.
  3. On the screen of your cell all related information is displayed Settings, look for the tab your Facebook information.
  4. You must enter Ownership and Control Account .
  5. Press on the deactivation and disposal option, there you will see two options Deactivate Account and Delete account .
  6. Select the Delete account , now press Continue.
  7. may well be asked to enter the password for your account, this is done for the purpose of protecting information and someone else is not impersonating you to permanently delete your account.
  8. Complete the steps on the screen after this process and your account will be removed correctly.
  9.  Delete facebook

    As you indicated, it is best that resguardes your information, so we recommend download your videos to Facebook from iPhone or Android your mobile , plus all the information you want to save the Facebook platform. Moreover, it is also possible to disable the account temporarily as we show below.

    Deactivate your Facebook account temporarily

    While you can disable or completely delete your Facebook account, we believe there is a better option, we refer to the temporarily disabling in your account. Through this measure can recover your account after a set time or when you return to login .

    It is the best measure for those who are not sure of making the decision to delete your account completely .

    To disable your account temporarily follow these steps

     Temporarily disable facebook

    1. The first thing to do is start the Facebook app on your phone and Sign in .
    2. Now go to the options settings by pressing on the top right of your screen, there presses on the Settings.
    3. Look for the tab your Facebook information, and press on Ownership and Control Account .
    4. appear multiple options, you have to choose is Deactivation and disposal , press on this option.
    5. There are two modes, disabling the account and the Elimination of account, click on Deactivate Account and click Continue.
    6. You must give the reason why Temporarily disable want your account, we recommend first clicking This is temporary. Will . And press on the Continue option.
    7. At the bottom indicates after which period the account should be reactivated automatically, you can choose from one to seven days, anyway you can also choose the option not reactivate automatically chooses you see fit and press on the < strong> Continue.
    8. to disable press account on the Deactivate my account button. A new screen, you can choose to continue receiving notifications or not displayed
    9. After this process the account will have been cleared properly, you can return to it by logging normally.
    10. Note that the processes set forth above are intended for the Facebook application, you can still also disable Facebook Messenger , if that’s what you’re looking for.

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